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After a quite long time discussing about the itinerary and the quotation as well, our customer – Re*** decided to choose our services instead of other’s (after reviewing some agent’s services). Mark- our travel expert is always patient to revise any quotation enquired by the customers and offered them the best options as per their budget and interest.

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Day 1 Hong Kong – Siem Reap Arrival

Day 2 Siem Reap – Angkor Temple Tour (B)

Day 3 Siem Reap – Drive to Phnom Penh (B)

Day 4 Phnom Penh City Tour (B)

Day 5 Phnom Penh – Ho Chi Chi Minh (B)

Day 6 Cu Chi Tunnels – Ho Chi Minh City Tour (B)

Day 7 Ho Chi Minh – Mekong Delta – Ho Chi Minh (B, L)

Day 8 Ho Chi Minh – Hue (B)

Day 9 Hue Sightseeing – Danang - Hoian (B)

Day 10 Hoian Ecotour and Cooking Class (B, L)

Day 11 Hoian Sightseeing – Danang – Hanoi (B)

Day 12 Hanoi Sightseeing (B)

Day 13 Hanoi – Halong Bay (B, L, D)

Day 14 Halong Bay – Hanoi (B, L)

Day 15 Hanoi – Hong Kong (B)

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just need a tour package from HK to tour Vietnam and Cambodia for about 12 days preferably in February 2019

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Travel Consultant

Dear Re***,

Following your request, I would like to send you my offer for 15 days Vietnam and Cambodia Tour with details as in the attached file. 

During the trip you will visit most famous sightseeing in Vietnam and Cambodia such as:

  • Hanoi Capital: One of the largest cities in the country. It features an interesting mixture of Eastern and Western culture. It is interesting to discover 36 old streets which has its own history. 
  • Halong Bay: The World’s Heritage, is one of the most interesting sightseeing in Northern.
  • Hoi An ancient town: The former port city’s melting-pot history is reflected in its architecture with wooden Chinese shop houses and temples to colorful French colonial buildings
  • Mekong Delta: The ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, the delta is carpeted in a dizzying variety of greens. Where you will have a good chance to witness the real authentic local life of Vietnamese. 
  • Angkor Temple: a unique ancient complex of temples with extraordinary architecture that would definitely worth a visit. You can learn a lot about the life and architecture of Cham Pa Kingdom in the past.

For accommodation, I quoted based on both 3-star and 4-star hotel for you to choose the one that best fit your budget. All hotels have central location and good services to ensure that you will feel comfortable during your trip.

As I didn’t see you mentioned the number of people who would join the tour, I temporary make the quotation for 2 people. If you have more people, please advise me.

If you need further information or want to make changes to the tour, please feel free to tell me.

I’m looking forward to hearing the feedback from you soon.

Kind regards,

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Hi Mark thanks for the quote .As mentioned we already have our international flight tickets from South Africa(1st Feb to 18th Feb 2019)to Hong Kong will do the Vietnam and Cambodia tour by flying from Hong Kong to meet the tour.

I find your quote to be a lot more expensive than the other quotes that I have ,why is this so?

Also I land in Hong Kong on 2nd then have to fly to Vitenam to meet the tour maybe the 3rd to 16th then spend 2 days in Hong Kong and leave for SA on evening of 18th Feb.


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Travel Consultant

Hi Re***,

Thank you for getting back to me

Regarding the tour cost, I can assure that I always provide my clients with the best possible price for the services.

It would be great if you can send me the quote that is less expensive than mine that you are offered so that I can have a look and tell you the reason for the difference in term of price.

Please be advised that ‘you get what you pay for’, the difference in accommodations, activities and tour services all make up to the difference in price.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

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Hi Mark attached above is a quote from ******** Travel &Tours . Below is the web link for the special with  **************

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Travel Consultant

Hi Re***,

Thank you for your email with the quotations

After analyzing both of them, I would like to have some comments as below:

Firstly, for the quotation of ******* Travel, please kindly note that the price is Per Person sharing (PPS), which means the cost R21,790 is just for one person, not two. I believe you would agree with me that this price is too high for a non-private tour without international flight. Not to mention that their hotel selection is not that good, most of them are not really centrally located.

Secondly, if you wonder why the cost of the tour that I offer is not as cheap as that of *************, I would like to present a service comparison table to you as below:

  1. All tours and excursion are join-in group
  2. The tour includes long transfers by public bus (Ho Chi Minh – Phnom Penh; Phnom Penh – Siem Reap), no sightseeing on the way.
  3. For all the pickup at the airport/station, there is no guide
  4. The tour cost has yet included the surcharge for New Year Holiday in Vietnam
  5. Airline of choice is not fixed, Vietjet Air may be booked for you instead , which is an economy airline and their flight sometimes get delayed, which may affect the itinerary of the trip. Only one flight is included in the trip.
  6. Hotel selection is not stated, you cannot have a look in advance to see if the hotels meet your expectation and worth the money
  1. All tours and excursion are entirely private for two people only
  2. For long-distant transport, we always propose flights so that you don’t waste much time for transfer and can spend time to relax or discover the new place on your own
  3. We always arrange guide to pickup you at the airport/station to welcome you so that you can avoid getting lost when arriving at a new place.
  4. All the service surcharge during the New Year Holiday have been calculated in the quote
  5. We always choose Vietnam Airlines, which is a prestigious national airline with 4-star standard. The service quality and flight schedule are always ensured. Our itinerary has three flights. This is a reason why the cost is higher than ********Tours.
  6. We always clearly stated the hotel selection and provide link to the website of the hotels so that you can do some research about them. If you don’t like a given hotel, we will find another one for you

Thirdly, I’m confident to say that for any given program of ********Tours or ************ Travel, I can always give you a better price with the same itinerary

Finally, I want to let you know that my company is always proud of our professionalism in all working process with a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable Travel Consultants who are always willing to hear the voice of our clients to bring the best tours to them. You can learn more about our working process via this clip:

We are based in Hanoi, Vietnam, but we also have representative in Cape Town. You can always contact Mrs. Katrine (Email: / Phone number: +27 (83) 261 *****), she has been to Vietnam for many times and sure will have a lot of experience of Touring Vietnam to share with you. You can hear some of her sharing here:

I hope all the information that you provide with make everything clearer to you. If there are still anything that bother your mind, please feel free to tell me.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Have a great day,


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Hi Mark trust that you are well.

Reverting back to our tour please assist with the below queries:-

1.-remember as mentioned we already have my international air ticket i.e leave SA on 1st Feb arrive in HK on 2nd Feb at 1pm.We would then have to take a flight to Vietnam from HK(allow at least 2 to 3 hrs in case of delays) reach                                                    

Hanoi in the evening of 2nd Feb to start on the 3rd of Feb 2019.The tour must be finished by the afternoon of the 16th Feb.i.e. 14 days of tour .After the tour on the 16th either leave Siem Riep on night of 16th or early on 17th to fly to HK.

2.-Our concern is that the start of our tour is during your lunar new year for at least 5 days (last for a week).So what happens to the tourists .Does the place come to a stand still .Or can we start the tour from Cambodia and work back words to avoid the lunar new year in Vietnam.Please advise on this.

3. I have a group of friends (at this stage 10 but could be more,based on your quote )would like to join the tour .So when you quote must include international flights from either Durban(king shaka international airport)to Johannesburg(O R Tambo International airport)to Hanoi in Vietnam i.e leave SA on 2nd to start tour on 3rd Feb

Looking forward to your reply

Thank you

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Travel Consultant

Hi Re***,

Thank you for your email

I’m very glad to hear from you again

Please kindly find the revised quotation for a group of 12 people in the attachment.

In this revised quotation, I have made some changes in hotel selection as we have some new partner that can offer better room rate so that I can give you a better price. For details, please kindly refer to the itinerary.

Yes, it is true that during the tour, there will be 5 days falls into the New Year Holiday of Vietnam, but don’t worry, all the activities as mentioned in the itinerary will take place as normal. Actually, you can consider this as an advantage for you because you can avoid the crowded streets and traffic jam of normal days, instead you will have the chance to see beautifully decorated street, witness how local people prepare for the holiday and enjoy the spirit of the holiday together with local people. It would be a unique experience that not many tourist can get. Besides, as the holiday falls on the 2rd day of the tour and end on the 6th day, If you choose to start the tour in Cambodia, it will take 6 days, nearly half the duration of the trip, which means a huge change in the itinerary is needed, I don’t really recommend this because the cost for touring in Cambodia is higher than that in Vietnam.

Regarding the international flight for your friends, I highly recommend them to book on your own in South Africa because  you will get better price and have more choice of airlines than letting me book from here in Vietnam. This is drawn from the experience from my previous clients.

Should you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

With my best regards,

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Hi Mark thank you for your response. I noticed that you don’t have Hue,Saigon and Phnompenh in the itenery

Also can you please quote on flight from HK (landing at 13hoo from SA)to airport close to start of tour,in your case Hanoi.

Also on the last day of the tour 16th Feb late flight  OR early on the 17th Feb to HK

Please advise on the above so that we can conclude

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Travel Consultant

Hi Re***,

The program actually has included the visit to Saigon, which is now call Ho Chi Minh City. If you also want to include Hue and Phnom Penh in the itinerary, I will revise the program and quotation to send back to you tomorrow.

Kind regards,

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