Vietnam is known for its rivers, plentiful beaches, near-endless shopping in the bustling cities, amazing cuisine, and the Buddhist pagodas; these are all enough reasons to visit the South Asian country. Vietnam is an amazing country to experience but visiting the major destinations at the right time makes it more fun and enjoyable.

North Vietnam


Hanoi remains one of the most beautiful among all the colonial Indochinese cities which draws thousands of tourists from all around the globe come to explore every year. For someone who is planning to visit this 1000-year-old capital of Vietnam for the first time, will wondering what is the best time to visit. The information below may help you to decide.

The weather of Hanoi shows distinctive features in 4 seasons of Spring (Jan - Apr), Summer (May - Jul), Autumn (Aug - Oct) and Winter (Nov - Jan) which is characterized by a humid subtropical climate.

From mid-April to mid-September, Hanoi experiences the hot and humid climate with high rainfall. From the end of October to January, the weather is cooler and drier. It starts to rain lightly between February and March. During Autumn (late Sep to Nov), Hanoi enjoys pleasant weather with gentle breezes and sunny days.

  • The starting and ending of a season are only approximate and different among years owing to the effect of the Monsoon
  • The average temperature of Winter is 16.5°C and can go down to 6°C 
  • The average temperature of Summer is 29.5°C and can reach to 43.7°C
  • The average annual temperature is 23.2°C 
  • The average annual rainfall is approximately 1.800mm

Overall, the best time to visit Hanoi is in October, September, May, March and April. You can also come in March, June, July and August when the weather is generally warm but can experience showers in the evening. From November to January, Hanoi's weather is pretty cool, hence there is little rain.

best time to visit vietnam

Halong Bay

Also known as the Descending Dragon Bay with thousands of magnificent limestone formations, Halong remains the representation of a pinnacle experience to many travelers. Also located in the North of Vietnam, this precious jewel has the same weather system as Hanoi with 4 different seasons.

The best time to visit Halong Bay is between March and May (Spring) or from August to October (Autumn). These periods of time are most favorable to contemplate the beauty of the Bay with pleasant weather, a lot of sunlight and especially no mist which allow you to spoil yourself in the deluxe Halong cruises and perfect to enjoy the magical sunrise and sunset. Many interesting activities are available such as kayaking, mountain climbing and caving.

A majority of foreign tourists also choose to come to Halong Bay in Dec - Jan to enjoy the cool weather and the mysterious landscapes of the limestone pinnacles hiding in the mist of the early morning.

The least favorable time to visit Halong Bay is in June and July because this is the peak season of domestic tourists. There will be a lot of people and the prices will rise dramatically. Moreover, typhoons also strike in this time of the year.

best time to visit vietnam 2


Sapa is a hill station on a mountain and a vestige of the colonial era of the French as well as a favorite place of many travelers who wish to experience the blood-pumping activities and immerse in the beauty of the mountainous area.

Endowed with a pleasant climate, Sapa can be visited at any time of the year. Each period carries its own unique features that charm any visitors coming to explore this beautiful Northern region.

The average temperature of Sapa is from 15 - 18°C. It can go below 0°C in the winter (Dec - Feb) with frost and snow. Tourists should avoid coming in the rainy season starting between July and Aug due to erosion and floods.

The best time to visit Sapa is from Sept - Nov or March - May when the temperature is pleasant with blue sky, sunny days and less chance of rain. 

If you want to see the cultivating activities of the ethnic groups, come to Sapa in April and May. And to contemplate the splendid yellowish of the crops stretching across the area, the harvest time in September is the best time to admire it.

Best time to visit vietnam 3

Ninh Binh

Another place in the North attracts ways of tourists to admire the beauty of nature as well as learn about the historical and cultural values, that is the ancient capital of Ninh Binh.

There are 2 periods considered as the best time to visit Ninh Binh which are the harvesting seasons: April - May and September - November. Tourists can have a chance to take incredible pictures of the stunning landscapes; biking through the golden rice fields and rustic villages or boating along the poetic river. You can also visit Ninh Binh in June when the lotus and waterlily in full bloom.

From December to February of the next year, tourists are not recommended to visit Ninh Binh owing to the weather conditions are not pleasant with constant drizzle.

best time to visit vietnam 4

Central Vietnam


The poetic city of Hue lying peacefully in the center of Vietnam attracts thousands of tourists every year for its majestic and magnificent Citadel relics and excellent cuisine. Hue has 2 seasons: dry and wet in which the dry one falls between March and August when the weather is pretty hot and the temperature can go upper 35°C. The wet season (August - November) on the other hand is cooler but you are liable to experience heavy rain and storms.

However, Hue still has the golden time to visit. That is from July to September when it gets mild temperature and lower rain precipitation.

For beach lovers, May is the perfect time to relax on the sunny beaches and soak in the clear water of Hue most beautiful beaches of Thuan An or Lang Co. From February to July, tourists can experience the local life of the fishermen and enjoy the breathtaking sunset in Tam Giang Lagoon.

Best time to visit vietnam 5

Quang Binh

Lies in Central Vietnam, Quang Binh province owns some of the most incredible caves in Vietnam and the world in general (Phong Nha Cave - a UNESCO heritage site and Son Doong Cave - the largest cave in the world). Quang Binh experiences 2 seasons in one year: dry (Apr - Aug) and wet (Sept - March). The perfect time to visit Quang Binh is between April and August when the weather is warm and humid with less chance of rain. You can feel free to discover the Phong Nha Natural Park or enjoy a sunny day on the beach of Thuan An.

Hoi An

Hoi An is known for its well-preserved Ancient town which is cut through canals. Hoi An's weather is divided into 2 seasons: dry season (Jan - Jul) and rainy season (Aug - Dec). The temperature is moderate all year round with the average temperature in the hot period of 28 - 33°C and in the cooler one of 18 - 23°C. 

The best time to visit Hoi An is in Febuary & April as you can stroll around the old quarter to feel the pace of the local life and the ancient atmosphere of the city with a cool and pleasant weather conditions. 

From June to August is the perfect time to enjoy interesting water-based activities and relax on the stunning beach of An Bang when the temperature is pretty high. This time also offers you a wide variety of delicious seafood newly caught from the fishing season.

best time to visit vietnam 7

South Vietnam


It is popularly known as Ho Chi Minh City - a modern and dynamic city in Vietnam which once called the Pearl of the Orient. You can’t wait to experience the gorgeous colonial buildings and the mouth-watering street food selling on a row in the city’s streets. Situated in the Southeast of Vietnam which is characterized by the tropical climate, Saigon experiences 2 seasons: dry (Dec - Apr) and wet (May - Nov). 

The average temperature of the dry period is 27°C and can reach 39°C in the hottest month - April. Although the temperature in the daytime is hot, the night time and early morning will be much cooler. You should bring along an umbrella or hat and put on sun cream when enjoying the outdoor activities.  

In the wet season, the weather is humid and rainy. At this time of the year, there is still space for sun because the rain in Saigon comes as quickly as the goes. 

In short, the best time to visit Saigon is between December - April as the weather is dry and warm and you will also get to experience the Vietnamese New Year event.

Best time to visit vietnam 8

Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is located in the southern part of Vietnam and it is known for being a huge maze of swamps, rivers, and islands. Mekong Delta is a destination where villages are surrounded by rice paddies, numerous vibrant floating markets and a home to many gorgeous Khmer pagodas. Then, what is more amazing than taking a voyage with Jayavarman cruise on the mighty Mekong River to explore the beauty of the rich culture here?

The best time to visit Mekong Delta is between September - November when the floating season takes place with many interesting activities on the water.  December - April is also suitable for visiting this region when the weather is pleasant and the rainfall is low. You can also have a chance to experience Oc Bom Boc, a Khmer festival in November and Vietnamese New Year event in Jan/Feb.

Best time to visit vietnam 9

For beach holidays in Vietnam

Quy Nhon

If you want to escape from the busy life, you can choose to spend your beach holiday in Quy Nhon in central Vietnam where there is no hustle and crowds, just beautiful beaches and quaint towns. Choosing the right time to visit can make your holidays more memorable and therefore, the weather information is very important for any traveller.

Quy Nhon experiences 2 seasons: dry and wet in which the dry season lasts from March to September and the wet season falls between October and February.

In March, the weather is favorable for every activity exploring this coastal city with soothing sunlight and gentle breeze. The temperature is around 25 - 32°C.

From October to December, the rainy season begins. The weather is more unpredictable. Moreover, Quy Nhon beaches are influenced by typhoons so the waves are big and can be dangerous to visitors. The temperature of the water is a little bit cool so it is not suitable for swimming activity.

In a nutshell, the best time to visit this beautiful region is from Feb - Aug when the weather conditions are pleasant with moderate temperature, cool wind and little rain.

best time to visit vietnam 13

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal resort city located in the southern part of Vietnam which is known for its amazing diving sites, offshore and stunning beaches. This city also has the typical weather system of Southern Vietnam which experiences 2 seasons: dry and wet. 

The best time to enjoy your holidays in Nha Trang is between Ferbuary and April when the temperature is moderate and the sunny sky dominates. This period is also perfect for diving and snorkeling. It is okay to visit Nha Trang from June to August but you should prepare for the rising of the heat and humidity.

Avoid travelling to this area from September to December because this time of the year is usually affected by heavy rain and occasional typhoons.

Best time to visit vietnam 11

Mui Ne (Phan Thiet)

Mui Ne (Phan Thiet) is a beach resort town in Vietnam located in the Southeast part of the country which is the best place to spend your beach holidays. Mui Ne has warm and dry weather all year round with low rainfall. The average annual temperature is 27°C. Therefore, you can visit this paradise at any time of the year. 

Hence, there is still the best time to visit this town according to travel experts. The period between Dec and Apr is perfect for you to enjoy the blue sky, white soft sand and turquoise water of Mui Ne.

From Nov to Apr, Mui Ne has steady wind conditions making it a top destination for kitesurfing, sailing and windsurfing.

For someone who wants to surf on the beautiful waves of Mui Ne, Aug - Dec is the golden time to go because the waves at this time of the year are big and other weather conditions are great for going surfing.

Best time to visit vietnam 10

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is the Vietnamese largest island known for its splendid white sand beaches and resorts. This island consists of gorgeous stretches, mountains, diverse wildlife, hiking trails and dense tropical jungle which is a perfect place to spend your holidays with tons of activities.

The best time to visit Phu Quoc is from November to March. This also happens to be the peak season because the weather is beautiful with low humidity and a lot of sunshine. Therefore, if you choose to travel to this place in this period, you should book everything in advance.

If you are planning to go to Phu Quoc from April to June, beware of the high heat (32°C) and humidity. However, your journey cannot be interrupted by rain.

best time to visit vietnam 12


Hopefully after reading this post, you will know the best time to visit Vietnam as well as every single destination throughout the country. So, don’t let your watch stop and schedule the visits as you tour around Vietnam. You won’t want to miss any of this experience.

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