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A Response from Seni World 30/08/2019

Not only is the first tour operator in Vietnam focusing only on travelers from South Africa but also has been receiving a lot of positive reviews on TripAdvisor. Moreover, we also have a representative in South Africa  - Mrs. Katrine Putick. You can contact her to book and confirm your tour to Vietnam right in South Africa. 


  • Address: Bay Farm, Main Rd, Hout Bay Cape Province, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Phone: (+27 (83) 261 1693)
  • Email:
A Response from Seni World 26/04/2019

Tipping is not customary in Vietnam but it's highly appreciated. Most the high-end services include a service fee but if you receive a service that exceeded your expectation, then a tip is highly recommended. Normally, you should tip at least 1-3 USD/pax/day for your guide and driver.

A Response from Seni World 18/07/2019

Vietnam's weather is tropical climate with high humidity creating a favorable condition for many insects especially mosquitoes. Whenever you head outside especially in mountainous areas, be sure to apply repellent to all areas of exposed skin. 

A Response from Seni World 15/04/2019

Depending on individual hotels, most of the hotels in Vietnam are equipped with all necessary amenities such as hair dryers, private bathroom, safety box, shampoo, body lotion and more. If you're not sure about the quality of these kinds of stuff, you can bring your own or buy outside.

A Response from Seni World 07/12/2018

You can easily find an ATM at any major cities across the country. Though, it's hard to find one in local areas, so make sure you prepare enough money for a journey out of the city.  Do not keep too much money along you to avoid the risk of theft. 

A Response from Seni World 12/04/2018

The maximum amount of cash you can bring into Vietnam is 5000 USD. If you bring more than that amount, you have to declare the extra money to the Customs Authorities. If you can't, they will confiscate any undeclared money they find. We recommend you just carry a small amount of money, enough for your expenses at the beginning, then get your cash at any handy ATMs around you.

A Response from Seni World 05/04/2018

Literally, you can go shopping anywhere in Vietnam. From big cities to remote mountainous areas, from the shopping mall, supermarkets to markets and local shops, you can buy everything you need such as souvenir, local specialties, fabric, silk, handicrafts, etc. Make sure to ask your travel consultants and guides to find reliable and affordable addresses.

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A Response from Seni World 18/04/2017

We delight to welcome as many customers to visit Vietnam as possible. Therefore, the group size we can organize for your tour is unlimited. You can contact directly our travel consultant to book tour for your friends, family, as well as your company and we assure to offer you the best services at the best quality.

A Response from Seni World 15/04/2018

It is quite safe for people to travel in Vietnam as most of the weapons are forbidden here, there is no religious conflict and the levels of crimes remain relatively low compared to other countries in the area.  However, like other big cities around the world, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi still have pickpockets so make sure not to bring valuables while traveling, especially at night. 

A Response from Seni World 30/08/2019

If you want to enjoy a massage in Vietnam, you can ask your travel consultant or tour guide. They will help you find a reliable and affordable place for you. 

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