Myanmar is dubbed as "The Golden Land" not only for the shimmering light of the golden-paved temples spreading throughout the country but also for its richness of minerals, natural products and even the hospitality of the people here.

If you want to discover this wonderful land, do it now. However, make sure to learn some basic information such as where to go, things to do, what to eat... before you go. In this article, VNZA will help you to know when the best time to visit Myanmar is.

1. Myanmar Weather

Located in the Southeast Asia area, Myanmar has a tropical climate and is affected by the southwest monsoon. The weather conditions of the Southern and Northern parts of this country are almost opposite. Whilst the temperature in the south never drops under 16°C, northern regions, particularly in mountainous areas, are very cold and some places are covered with ice-caps.

Unlike other tropical climate countries in the area, which have two typical seasons (the wet season and the dry season) or divided a year into four seasons, there are three main seasons in Myanmar: the hot season, the wet season and the cool season.

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2. Myanmar in Hot Season

The hot season or the arid season in Myanmar last from March to May. The temperature becomes very hot with the average is consistently from 35 to 38 Celsius degree and April is regarded as the hottest month of the year. The dry zone of the central areas like Bagan and Mandalay and around the former capital city of Yangon often see temperatures in excess of 40°C.

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Don't let the high-temperature bother you, you can still enjoy some exciting festival in Myanmar during this season of the year such as Peasants' Day (March 2), Armed Forces Day (March 27), Myanmar New Year Holidays (April 13-17). Make sure to bring sun cream to protect your skin in this season of the year.

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3. Myanmar in Wet Season

The wet season comes to Myanmar from the beginning of June to late September. It is also known as Burma's monsoon season or the rainy season, which brings high rainfall. Rain tends to fall in the afternoon and early evening that makes roads become impassable and several resorts along the coast, including Ngapali Beach, close down completely in this period.

Downpour can be constant for long periods of time from June to August, particularly on the Bay of Bengal coast and in Yangon and in the Ayeyarwady Delta. The central plains, in contrast, receive a small amount of fraction of the rain seen on the coast. From September to early October, central and southern areas are still soggy, whilst Mandalay, in the north, the rain is less intense and you will experience more sunshine and steadier temperatures.

If you travel to Burma in the wet season, don't think it will ruin your trip. It will rain at some point, but not every day, and not all day either. Taking a boat ride between the town of Nyaung Shwe and the shores of Inle Lake on a rainy day can be a little adventure. Since everyone is often afraid of going out on rainy days, you can also feel free to explore the sights and take in the landscape without crowds. Not bad isn't it?

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4. Myanmar in Cool Season

Myanmar's cool season from October to February is considered the most pleasant and coolest period of the year. It has the least humidity with the clearest air, rains are all out and temperature returns in a most comfortable range, relatively manageable with the average temperature of 20 degrees.

October weather starts to gradually acquire positive changes in local winter and makes it suitable for any kind of activities such as diving, sightseeing, seaside vacations... However, if you are planning to go to mountainous regions, you should regard the significant difference with temperatures of plain parts of the country and grab some cold-weather gear.

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5. When is The Best Time to Visit Myanmar?

In summary, you can visit Myanmar all year round due to its tropical climate. Some consider the month of the cool season, particularly in November in December, the best times to visit Myanmar. However, this is also the peak season of Burma so things can get busy. If you can put up with the heat or rain, you will find it a lot easier and often cheaper to book accommodation outside the cool season, and there will be less crowded at famous tourist attractions.

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