Inle Lake, a freshwater lake is situated in western Shan State and a part of Shan Hills in Myanmar. It is the seccond largest lake in this country. Inle Lake gets a glimpse of a picturesque countryside and is the destination for a laid-back and relaxing vacation. This following content will provide you with intersting information about Inle Lake.

Things to See and Do in Inle Lake

The Alodaw Pauk Pagoda was built by the King Thiri Dhamma Thawka. The pagoda was originally named the Innphaya Pagoda, Yadana Pagoda before it was changed into its current name. It is known that this structure is home to a sacred Buddha stupa in Shan style. 

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White stupas at Alodaw Pauk Pagoda in Inle Lake

Nyaung Oak Pagodas is a group of pagodas found immediately behind Indein village. Although some ancient pagodas are in ruins and not as their origins, the complex details of the buildings can still be seen. Moreover, several complicated carvings of mythical animals are still apparent at some parts.

Pagodas at Nyaung Oak Pagodas in Inle Lake

The Nga Phe Kyaung is known as the biggest and oldest monastery in this area. It is a very beautiful teak structure which is constructed on stilts over the lake in the 1850s. The monastery includes a variety of ancient Bagan, Shan, Tibet and Ava-style Buddha statues. Many of them were brought by the locals for safekeeping during World War II and never taken back. This building’s another point attracting a crowd of tourists is a jumping cat. It is trained by an abbot to jump through a hoop like in a circus. The monks maintain this structure thanks to donations from their cat shows. 

Overview of Nga Phe Kyaung in Inle Lake 

Inle Floating Gardens has a unique style of aquaculture where Inthas grow flowers and vegetables such as tomatoes and squash, etc. for both their own consumption and exportation around the country. The man-made plots are only one meter deep and supported with bamboo. This method of agriculture is developed over many generations.

Inle Floating Garden in Inle Lake

Phaungdawoo Festival is considered as the most significant religious event in Inle Lake. The event lasts 18 days and includes many activities such as a grand procession of Buddha images and a boat race. Four of the five Buddha statues in the Phaungdawoo Pagoda are placed on a royal barge pulled by big Inle traditional boats. The festival is held in the Thadingyut month of the Myanmar calendar, usually between September and October.

A procession of Buddha statues in Phaungdawoo Festival

A weaving centre in the village of Inn Paw Khon is also an attraction of Inle Lake. It is said that this centre has worked for over a century and includes chief artisans of the village. Visitors will hear sounds of the looms when coming into this village. All things of the centre ranging from the dyes to the finished scarves are made by hands of women at all ages. Although Southeast Asian countries produce woven textiles, Myanmar is the only one to make lotus fabric and Inle Lake is the main source. Because the conditions in this environment are ideal for growing the flowering plants. You can buy textiles directly from this centre as a souvenir of Myanmar.

A local woman is weaving at Inn Paw Khon Village

Visitors can have canoe trip to pass through the villages, observe the silence surroundings and take pictures. In addition, hiking is one of activities often done in Inle Lake. Two destinations suggested for you hiking are the Koun Soun Taungbo Monastery and the nearby Ta-Eh Gu Cave. Furthermore, a hot air balloon flight is an unmissed journey to take a sightseeing of unique environment including lake, mountains, marches and villages. After a day trip, tourists can enjoy public or private hot springs bathing at Inle Lake to relax and keep warm.

Public hot springs bathing at Inle Lake 

Do you want to try living in simple houses of wood and woven bamboo on stilts, enjoy local food of htamin with hnapyan or meet some species of snails only found in Inle Lake? Plan to experience greatest things in Inle Lake.  

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