Sapa, a small town in the northwest of Vietnam, has the most exotic view of mountainous region of the country. Some say that Sapa is a living heaven on Earth covered by floating clouds dotted by little friendly local hill-tribe people.
This peaceful town will bring tourists unforgettable experience and memories as enchanting as its aesthetic nature of the mountain land.


Sapa boasts a wealths of stunning natural sites, idyllic villages and appealing attractions. However, to save your time, Vietnam Tour would like to suggest several best places to go in Sapa apart from popular spots in its central town.

1. Lao Chai – Ta Van Villages

Despite the path leading to the village is quite small and narrow, the view along two sides of the road is captivating with fertile terraced fields which adorns by the green of corn and rice. Here, you will find the smiles of people everywhere around the village and they always welcome tourists with their warmest greetings from the bottom of their hearts: “Bonjour Madam, bonjour Monsieur!”. Lies within the village, there is a valley called Muong Hoa. Tourists cannot resist themselves from hiking along the river and observe rocks with symbols and signs that possibly carved since the Primitive Age.

sapa vietnamLao Chai - Ta Van villages, Sapa, Vietnam.

2. Fansipan Mountain 

It is hard to call oneself having visited Vietnam without visiting Fansipan Mountain. Fasipan Mountain of Hoang Lien Son mountain chain is the tallest pinnacle of South East Asia, approximately 3,143 meters above sea level. Although the alpine is only 20 kilometers from Sapa centre town, the hike to the top can be quite a physical challenge idea for adventurous tourists. Sometimes, tourists can also catch a glimpse of wild life species like birds, primates and mountain goats along the way.

sapa vietnam 2Fansipan Peak, Sapa, Vietnam.

3. Ta Phin Commune

For tourists who choose Sapa as a destination to arrive in the spring weather, you will be privy to one of the most enchanting tradition of hill-tribe people: church singing in Ta Phin village. Tourists might be surprised that people in Sapa still base unions on pre-arranged wedding and dress in traditional stunning dyed .

sapa vietnam 3Ta Phin tribe wedding ceremony, Sapa, Vietnam

4. Sin Chai Village

Unlike any other commercialized villages in Sapa, Sin Chai village is gifted not only with harmonious nature scene but also with unspoilt forestry area. Sin Chai village is a perfect place to capture the endless greenish rice terraces.

sapa vietnam 4Rice terraces in Sin Chai village, Sapa, Vietnam.

The village is especially famous for old villagers, particularly women. Tourists often have curiosity for life expansion of female villagers and they often receive natural living habitat with fresh air and unpolluted environment as an answer. 

5. Thac Bac Waterfall (Silver Falls)

Sapa has numerous of intriguing sites to show its fascinating terrains. Less than 15 kilometers from Sapa centre, and even a kilometer away, tourist can start to hear the sound of water falling on rocks in a flawless harmony. Through the lens of many artists having visited Silver Falls, its appearance resembles a mighty dragon peering down onto the valley. If you are able to make the trip, it will be worthwhile to see the scenic landscape of Silver Falls and the last surviving forests of Hoang Lien Son Park. 


sapa vietnam 5Silver Falls, Sapa, Vietnam


1. Overnight at homestay

Many villages in Sapa have homestays for tourists to have a deeper understanding of living styles of the minor ethnic people. The outside of every homestay is designed with plain rustic bamboo walls and leaf roof; nevertheless, the interior is as convenient as hotels can offer. Not only are a place to rest after a long traveling day, homestays are the place where local people teach tourists how to cook typical food of minor ethnic people.

» Read more: 4 Reasons Why Homestay in Sapa is More Tempting than Hotels.

sapa vietnam 6Phori's Homestay, Sapa, Vietnam.

2. Biking

With sloppy terrain, it is the best idea to travel around by bicycle. Biking around the town and the villages will bring about splendid experience that you never could imagine as tourists can enjoy the scenic sights at a slower pace. 


sapa vietnam 7Biking in Sapa, Vietnam.


To get off the beaten track and to get some risky Vietnam adventure tours, tourists can ask for local people’s help or can go trekking by themselves. Though the trekking tour will have tons of excitement, tourist might need to remind themselves to wear sturdy shoes and pack more drinks and snack as it is going to be really exhausted without them. 


sapa vietnam 8Trekking with locals, Sapa, Vietnam.

Herbal bathing

Red Dao minor ethic people in Sapa have been long famous for special herbal bath. The secret formula has been passed down from generation to generation and it is believed to have magical effect. After taking herbal bath, tourist can feel much relaxed and comfort. Herbal bath can sometimes effective on arthritics problems, relieving cold and supporting on blood circulation.

sapa vietnam 9Relaxing herbal bath in Sapa, Vietnam.

Sapa is a land of wonder and cannot wait for millions more people come to contemplate.


How to get to Sapa from Hanoi is available with many options but by train is the most popular and ideal one. A night on a train will save your budget for a hotel night and an experience of train ride totally different from trains in the Western countries.

So why hesitate to book a Hanoi Tour to Sapa by Train in an unique style right away. We are always available and willing to provide the best experience for tourist to plan a perfect trip.


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