Choosing a place to stay on a trip is quite stress sometimes for tourists. Some prefer hotels but some others prefer homestays. There are a few reasons why homestays in Sapa bring you greater excellent experience than hotels do.

Save the Budget

It is quite easy to find out the price ranges between a hotel and a homestay on the Internet these days and there are many homestays in Sapa that offer exceptionally reasonable price. While the average price for a double room in a hotel is $40-45 per night, the average price for an overnight at homestay is only at $25 double room with equal quality as that of a hotel. The price is of course include standard breakfast for guests.


Homestay in Sapa 1
Phori's House Homestay

If you have decided to pay a visit to a mountainous area like Sapa, what can be better than staying in a homestay surrounded by endless green fields of rice and corn. Additionally, there would be no match for waking up and looking out to the window with an overwhelmingly beautiful of the sun slowly rising from the peak of a mountain. Spending a night in a homestay will absolutely keep tourists away from annoying sound perhaps of a construction site or vehicles’ horn in the evening like staying in a hotel has due to the fact that Sapa’s centre is now upgrading some facilities around town.

Authentic Experiences

Homestay in Sapa 2Harvesting rice

Experiencing the life of the local people is a part of the true meaning of going on an adventure. Hill-tribe people in Sapa are always kind-hearted as well as always welcome guests who are eager to explore the culture and lifestyle of the place they visit. Tourists will have an opportunity to encounter typical traditional food with the family they stay with such as pork distinctively cooked, Hmong minor ethnic people’s apple wine. Recently, tourists even go through the farming life of the local people, they can actually go out to the fields to plant or harvest the crops by themselves along with local people’s guidance.

Ideal Location

Homestay in Sapa 3Sin Chai village

Homestay is considered more convenient place to stay than hotel is as they are located near the trekking villages. It is easier to get around to different sightseeing of trekking places when staying in a homestay. Homestays in Sapa are often built with romantic appearance. That is why tourists will have many more chances to take better photos with rice fields in all different shades of green on one side and captivating view of a log cottage on the other.

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