Tips for Splendid Honeymoon in Vietnam
Talking about honeymoon destinations, newlywed couples would not want to miss out Vietnam on their checklist. Endowed with rich seam of gorgeous beaches, sparkling bays, stunning landscapes and diverse culture, Vietnam has them all and will definitely beguile every couple. Today, we would like to provide you with some useful tips to create an amazing honeymoon in Vietnam.

1. Book boutique hotels and small resorts

Boutique hotels will offer couples a memorable experience with the diverse culture of each and every minute you spend in Vietnam. Each boutique hotel has its own unique design that reflects the history and the taste of art of each owner. Even though Hanoi and other bustling cities in Vietnam are crazily chaotic, especially in the old quarter area, boutique hotels still bring about the gracefulness and the calmness for relaxation moments. Likewise in little resorts in beach areas, they are little but fully equipped with modern facilities and always guarantee the best price and enthusiastic services.

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Hanoi La Siesta Hotel

Six sense Condao resort, Con Dao Archipelago

2. Visit Hanoi and Sapa

Hanoi, lying in the heart of Red River Delta in the north of Vietnam, is a small elegant capital city. Though Hanoi’s river life is not as hustle as life in Mekong Delta in the south region, Hanoi rises with its unique and antique look of old streets in the Old Quarter, historical marks and exquisite Hanoi cuisine.

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O Quan Chuong - old street of Hanoi

In addition, Hanoi is also a perfect base to Vietnam’s northern provinces, Sapa for example. Sapa is an out of this world town in fog, where inhabited by friendly and hospital Vietnam’s minor ethnic people. Sapa will surprise couples with endless green rice terraces and ranges of mountains adjacent to each other. Spend a day or two in Sapa will rejuvenate your whole soul and body.

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Sapa - The mysterious city in fog of Vietnam

3. Take a beach break

Travel a little bit further to the south region, newly wed couples will be captivated by some unspoilt beaches in Nha Trang or on Phu Quoc Island which are even rank on the A list of the world. What can be more charming than watching the sunset together on Phu Quoc Island while having dinner on the seashore? Or, couples will have their utmost entertaining time by joining water activities and sports together at beaches of Nha Trang. There are various activities like scuba diving, water skiing, water surfing and water flying board.

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The charming beach o Phu Quoc Island

4. Experience a cruise in Halong Bay

It is a must for couples to go on a 2-day-at-least cruise to Halong Bay when spending their honeymoons in Vietnam. Despite being famous for occupying a position in Seven Wonders of the World, Halong Bay also create first moments for newlywed couples that they could have once in their lifetime. Couples will experience kayaking or rowing boat around the bay then take a rock climbing adventure or better yet, an exploration to fishing villages on the sea which you may try fishing like a real fisherman.

Stunning sunset over Halong Bay

5. Join a private boat trip in Mekong Delta

To slow down the living pace, couples could take a private boat trip on Mekong Delta. The view is quite contrasted to the north of Vietnam and contrast to the metropolises that you have been to. Everyday scenes include children riding on the back of a water buffalo, rice workers stooping in a sea of emerald, vendors sitting behind colorful stacks of fruit, locals scampering over monkey bridges or rowing boat on delta’s maze of channels. All of those are the key points to make Mekong Delta region more valuable and worth visiting.

A boat trip on Mekong River is surely a not-to-be-missed experience

» That is all we want to advise you to prepare for your unforgettable and enjoyable honeymoon in Vietnam. To learn more about the tours to Vietnam, please have a look at our Vietnam travel guide.

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