Best Time to Visit Hanoi From South Africa in 2024
Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, where attracts thousands of visitors each year with its Old Quarter, well-preserved architecture and long term culture. This city is also widely known for its delicious delicacies such as banh mi, bun cha, banh cuon... To enjoy and experience all of these in Hanoi, you should know some main factors like what to do, where to go and the most need-to-know thing is when to visit Hanoi. But why choosing the appropriate travel time is the most important?

Weather in Hanoi

Though Hanoi is in a South East Asia country, this city has the typical weather of tropical monsoon climate in Northern Vietnam with 4 distinct seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each season has its unique characteristics and difference temperature. 

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1. Hanoi Weather in Spring

The spring comes to Hanoi from February to April. The temperature is cool with the average is consistently from 15 to 20 Celsius degree. Spring drizzle is also one feature of Hanoi. Since this kind of humid and wet weather is the best time for the plants to flourish and flowers to bloom, spring is a perfect occasion for visitors to witness the beauty of tropical nature, especially to admire the beautiful peach flowers. With the striking color, peach blossom is considered as the symbol of spring not only in Hanoi but also in northern Vietnam.

There are many special festivals in spring that attract millions of traveler’s arrivals to Hanoi each year. To honor the gods as well as the heroes of the country, a lot of traditional festivals will be held during this season such as Co Loa, Dong Da hillock festival, Hai Ba Trung Temple Festival and so on. Especially, Perfume Pagoda a vast complex of Buddhist temples and shrines with amazing sights, poetic rivers, interesting caves, is an ideal destination for visitors to worship, pray for luck and happiness.

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Scenic boat trip to Perfume Pagoda - a sacred attraction near Hanoi

Spring is also the time of the biggest festival of the year in Vietnam - Tet Holiday. If you visit Hanoi in Tet, you will find another side of the city, where all the streets are decorated with Vietnamese flags and flooded with peach-blossom as if spring is knocking at the door of every house. Instead of the hurly-burly of the crowded streets, it becomes a pretty and quiet time of year, as a lot of Vietnamese people come back to their home town to visit families. The only disadvantage is that travel is a bit harder and a lot of places including restaurants, bars, pubs, coffee shops close during these days.

Peach Flower - The Theme Flower of Northern Vietnam's spring

2. Hanoi Weather in Summer

Lasting from the beginning of May to August, Hanoi’s summer is very hot with the average temperature is in the early 30 degrees. In recent years, it has time reaching 42 degrees and the hottest month is July.

Despite the hot weather, this time of the year is also the rainy season. Heavy downpour is a unique characteristic of Hanoi in summer which brings extremely wet with high humidity. It regular last from 30 minutes up and usually make many of the streets in Hanoi flooded. You'd better bring a raincoat or an umbrella with you whenever leaving your accommodation.

Moreover, Hanoi's summer will drive you crazy with the strong sun during the day and the thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening. But don't be afraid of it. If it's hot, you can plan to have a day relax in the swimming pool. On the contrary, the heavy rain will give you an excuse to sit in some local Hanoi coffee shops with a view enjoying a coffee or beer.

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Lotus flower collection in Hanoi

3. Hanoi Weather in Autumn

With the average temperature of 25 degrees, Hanoi's autumn is the most pleasant and the coolest season in the year. It brings the bright sun, clear blue sky, gentle breezes, and dry atmosphere to the city. All of these weather features create the best conditions for tourists to have a fantastic journey in Hanoi.

Fall is also considered the most romantic time of the year when the streets are covered with a carpet of red and yellow leaves and turn the streets of Phan Dinh Phung, Tran Phu, Ngo Quyen, or Hoang Dieu to a picturesque scene.

One of the most unique of autumn in Hanoi is the scent of Blackboard flowers (also called the milk flowers). These small white flowers will mesmerize you with its sweet and fragrant smell that definitely make you want to lengthen your visit to Hanoi.  Moreover, this time of the year is also the best occasion to enjoy some local specialties that only have in autumns such as Com (green rice flakes - young green rice) and persimmons. You can easily find and buy them in every corner of Hanoi. Looking for more specialties and local souvenirs to buy back? Read more our list of the best things to buy in Hanoi

Tourists enjoy a traditional cyclo ride in Hanoi Streets

4. Hanoi Weather in Winter

Last but not least is the winter of Hanoi. The average temperature of this season is around 14 to 17ºC, with the coldest days can drop below 5 or 6ºC. It often starts from December to late February. Due to climate change and the greenhouse effect, the winter keeps lasting longer in recent years. If you take your trip to Hanoi in the winter, you should bring some cold weather gear to keep your body warm.

In contrast to the fall, Hanoi's winter is quite annoying because of the lack of humidity. This kind of weather can make you feel much chillier and your skin is much drier. But it doesn’t mean that winter is a bad time for traveling. As the humidity is low, the rain is not heavy and the sky is often brighter, this season is a great time for wandering and exploring the sights of the city.

The winter in Hanoi is also famous for many specific and delicious street foods which can dispel the cold and warm you up on chilly days. You can enjoy tasty grilled corns and sweet potatoes, Banh Chung ran (fried square glutinous rice cake), Che san (hot cassava sweet soup) or a huge hotpot with various seafood dishes. 

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Hoan Kiem Lake - The Soul of Hanoi City

When is the best time to visit Hanoi?

In summary, pack and plan your trip appropriately and don’t think that the weather will ruin it. There is actually no bad time to visit Hanoi. Each season has its own advantage and disadvantage. Depend on your time and interest, you can visit the capital of Vietnam year around and still having unforgettable experience.

However, if you still want to find the best time to travel in Hanoi, our suggestion is the fall, from the beginning of August to the end of October. Because at this time of the year, the temperature is pleasant and cool, the rainy season is over and it is also the best option for you to enjoy all the hidden beauty of Hanoi. For more information and tailor-made tours to Hanoi Vietnam from South Africa, please do not hesitate to contact!

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