5 Best Things To Do in Da Nang For South African Travelers
The laid back coastal city of Danang is the third largest city in Vietnam boasting the pristine beaches, centuries-old pagodas, rolling mountains, and religious relics. If you are looking for a perfect blend of modern and traditional touches, then Danang is the place for you. Check out our comprehensive list of things to do in Danang and plan a fun-filled trip to this idyllic city.

1. Indulge in the untouched beaches in Da Nang

My Khe Beach

Touted as one of the most picturesque beaches in Vietnam, the 20-mile stretch of My Khe beach is the must-visit destination for beach lovers in Danang. Its clear water, white sandy beach surrounded by majestic mountain views make it a perfect place to get some sea, sun, and sand.

My Khe beach is also an ideal spot to try some adventurous water sports like surfing, jet skiing or snorkeling. Early morning and late afternoon is the best time to soak in the breathtaking scenes of nature and people swimming, sunbathing and playing around. Laze on the sand or stroll along the beach, relax with fresh seafood and cold beers are great experiences you can enjoy in Danang beach.

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things to do in danang

Son Tra Peninsula

Located 10 kilometers from Danang city, Son Tra Peninsula is a picture-perfect place with mind-blowing natural landscapes, lovely beaches, and aqua blue waters. Once on the top of Son Tra, you will be immersed in extremely fresh cool breezes and the breathtakingly verdant greenery.

Along with stunning natural beauty, the coastal region in Son Tra Peninsula is also home to a number of beautiful beaches. All the unspoiled beaches here are surrounded by the majestic scenery of mountains, hills, and jungles creating an Instagram-worthy background.

The bright space of forest, tranquil ambiance and the bright blue water inspire all the nature lovers traveling to Danang.

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2. Explore stunning bridges - The iconic symbol of Da Nang

Golden Bridge

Located at the famous Ba Na Hill, Golden Bridge is a new tourist attraction in Danang which is now one of the main reasons to visit this ever-popular city. Stretching over 500 feet, the bridge features with a pair of giant stone hands holding the golden bridge from the verdant hills of Danang. Boasting an outstanding feature, the bridge also offers panoramic views of the hills below and the majestic Truong Son Mountain ranges. Walking along this fabulous structure, you may feel like you’re walking on the clouds. What an idyllic experience!

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Dragon Bridge

One of the main attractions in the center of Danang you shouldn’t miss to check out is undoubtedly Dragon Bridge – the most iconic symbol of the city. This exceptionally designed bridge is a beautiful attraction offering some delightful display of lights, fire, and water.

Stretching over 666 meters in length, it is the largest of its kind in the country where you can take a romantic walk down to the waterfront and enjoy the fabulous show taking place at 9 pm at the weekend. If you want to get some Instagram pics, don’t miss it on your list of what to do in Danang.

things to do in danang 4

Han River Bridge

Newly constructed in 2000, Han River Bridge is the first swing bridge in Vietnam with a great contribution of Danang people. The bridge now is the proud symbol of Danang citizen and the alluring attraction of the tourist. Visiting the bridge at night, tourists will be enchanted by the shimmering beauty and the amazing movement of the bridge when it is rotated 90 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. The unique and diverse architecture of the bridge make it the work of art, a special place to revel in the heart of the city.

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3. Savor the unique cuisine of Central Vietnam

If you are a foodie and have endless love for local cuisine, make sure to check out some of the most favorite delicacies when getting around Danang. This appealing city is not just famous for stunning beaches, exotic natural landscapes, and historical heritage, but also for a variety of authentic dishes. You can make your own way to some local restaurants, hidden alleys and find out the paradise of food if that’s your things. The diverse selection of local food with authentic flavor will never let you feel down.

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4. Conquer some majestic mountains in Da Nang

Ba Na Hills

This fairytale-like hill station is one of the most beautiful destinations in Danang featuring elegant castles, cobblestone streets, and lovely courtyards. With the all-year-round cool climate, it is an ideal retreat to take in the spectacular scenery of the valley below and enjoy some fascinating recreational activities. You can start your adventure here with a thrilling ride on the cable car, traveling up and down the hills and the breathtaking views of hills and greenery. Ba Na Hill is a fantastic place that keeps you entertained and relaxed for days.

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Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains in Da Nang is a popular attraction in the city which is the cluster of five hills made of limestone and marble. This is also a well-known pilgrimage site including temples, pagodas, caves, and peaks. Exploring the mountain is an adventure itself. There are different stunning viewpoints you can climb to, ancient temples and pagodas to visit and hidden caves to explore. The adventure is enticing enough for you to get into the mountain all day. Make sure to wear a pair of trainers and breathable clothes and buckle up the captivating exploration.

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Monkey Mountain

Located at the north end of My Khe Beach, Monkey Mountains, also known as Son Tra Mountain is a breathtaking spot for adventure seekers, setting on an altitude of 693 meters above sea level. The mountain is home to the rare species of monkeys that live in the lush forest- that’s why it has the name “Monkey Mountain”. There are several ways to explore the mountain: enjoy a motorbike ride along the winding and sloping paths surrounding the mountain or take a hike up and around the mountain with a glimpse of playful monkeys along the way.

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5. Delve into Da Nang nightlife

Danang is enchanting not just for its unspoiled beaches but also for an incredible nightlife experience. It is the high time for most vivid and energetic scenes and there are a plethora of places where you can indulge in delightful activities till the break of dawn.

Nightlife in Danang boasts a wide collection of stunning rooftop bars, relaxing lounges, friendly expat bars and lively nightclubs scattered over the city. Fun-loving travelers can enjoy an idyllic night out with friendly locals, soak in the bustling atmosphere of night market or try your voice with karaoke. The nightlife scene in Danang caters to your every style and taste.

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You can find all the enticing Vietnamese experiences in the little city of Danang. Make sure you tick off all these things to do in Danang in your travel bucket list for a fulfilling trip in Vietnam. With so many experiences that the city has to offer, you’ll never feel bored for several days, for sure.

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