After the war, Vietnam has developed by leaps and bounds. Since then, the city has been a major and save place to visit. Good transport network has made visit to the city easy.

I promise you after 1 week in Vietnam you will explore the city and you will also be exposed to the city.

I assure you after reading this article, you will thank me for writing on this and if you follow the routine for 7 days you will enjoy your stay in Vietnam.

The bustling city of Vietnam is naturally beautiful and this Natural beauty makes Vietnam an Incredible place to Visit. This 7 days visit will take you from the North to the South of the City.

The first thing you need to prepare before this 7 day Visit is to ensure you have enough money that will cover your trip.

Another tip I will like to add is to ensure you read this article that covers the best places to Visit in Vietnam in 1 week till the last word. 

For the first day, you arrive in Ho Chi Minh City and explore the city. 

This city is also referred to as Saigon by many local people. The city has lots of grand hotels that can accommodate visitors. Why this city came first on the list is because it is the largest city in Vietnam. The city is not just large; it is a fun packed city. There are lots of significant and interesting activities in the city.

Best places to visit vietnam

It’s advisable to spend about 2 days in the city for you to enjoy your stay. The first place to visit in Ho Chi Minh City is the Reunification palace. This place happens to be the palace of the president of South Vietnam in the past. During the final phase of the Vietnam War, the Reunification palace was stormed by troop from North Vietnam. Why you need to visit the palace is that the palace contains different exhibits of the South Vietnamese government and the palace also serves as a place where the history of the country lies.

Best places to visit vietnam 2

Another point you need to get to during your 1 week in Vietnam is the War Remnants Museum. As the name implies the museum is where the American planes, helicopters, Armor Tanks and other war machineries and photos of the war are kept in this museum.

Best places to visit vietnam 3

In Ho Chi Minh City, you can also go to the Massive Bitexco Financial Tower which has thousands tall thin houses. The 49th floor of the tower houses the Saigon Skydeck which gives you a fantastic and aesthetic pleasing view of the city. 

While in Ho Chi Minh, one of the best places to visit in Vietnam in one week is the Cu Chi Tunnels which shows an incredible connection of tunnels that was built during the war by the Vet Cong. Currently some of this incredible tunnels are open to the public with tours to guide you when you visit the place. 

Best places to visit vietnam 4

Don’t miss out in the A O (Usually pronounced as ahh ohh) show where you will experience the Cirque du Soleil stage performance where acrobats are displayed. Vietnamese music is also played. The major reason why this event is always lit is because it is always held inside the historical Saigon Opera House.

I am sure if you really want to visit all the places I mentioned in Ho Chi Minh City, then you would spend about 2 days in the city.  

For the 3rd day, you can visit Nha Trang beach. This beach happens to be the most popular beach resort city in Vietnam. An hour flight from Ho Chi Minh will land you in this city. Diving and trips make the city a nice place to stay.

Best places to visit vietnam 5

Apart from diving and having  fun in the City, you can also visit Long Son Pagoda which is the Buddhist Temple, this  temple also happens to be one of the main cultural site in the city. 

The next day which happens to be the 4th day, you leave Nha Trang for Hanoi. Popular attractions at Hanoi include the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Ho Chi Minh Museum which are places that have been dedicated to the famous revolutionary leader.

Best places to visit vietnam 6

Another historical point at Hanoi which has dated back to 1070 is the Temple of Literature.  This site is one of the most famous Confucian temples in Vietnam. 

The 5th day of your stay for 1 week in Vietnam should be to Halong Bay. Halong bay is an astonishing and spectacular Bay that is located far North of Vietnam. Visiting this point will give you the opportunity to see the beautiful limestone island. This bay has about 1,600 islands.  You can visit Halong Bay on a day trip which you go early in the morning and return late at Night.

Best places to visit vietnam 7

Best places to visit vietnam 8

Your 6th day should be at Hue where you can visit numerous historical sites. Hue used to be the imperial city for the last ruling dynasty of Vietnam which is the Nguyen dynasty. The Hue Citadel should be on your list for you to see the citadel that was bombed during devastating wars that have happened in the past.

Best places to visit vietnam 9

Other buildings in Hue can also be visited as these buildings will give you a very interesting perspective into the old dynasty. Also ensure you visit the tombs of emperors that were buried around the hills in a scattered manner. For you to enjoy your sightseeing of the tombs, you can secure a ride so you can cover the distance within a short period of time. Irrespective of the tombs you visit, ensure you don’t miss out visiting the Khai Dinh Royal  tomb, the Minh Mang royal tomb and the Tu Duc tomb.

Your 7th day at Vietnam should be your visit to the old town called Hoi An which happens to be one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. This is a four hour drive journey from Hue. At Hoi An you will be opportune to visit the landmarks of this old town. The Japanese bridge, the Tan KY house and other places can be visited.

Also, why you must not miss out visiting Hoi An on the 7th day is that the Old town in Hoi is an UNESCO heritage site which is located along the Thu Bon River. This center was once a bustling center for commerce and business. You can also pay tokens to enter the museums, houses and attractions in the old town.

Best places to visit vietnam 10

Honestly, at this point I know you would have enjoyed your 1 week in Vietnam if you followed the itinerary I gave. 

Vietnam is a place worth Visiting as you will visit historical points, tourist attractions and business zones. 

I hope this article has been helpful on the best places to visit in Vietnam. If you want to discover more, have a look at our Vietnam Classic Tours.

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