Vietnam Dress Code - What to Wear in Vietnam
Located in the heart of South East Asia, Vietnam is a peaceful Communist country which boasts a wealth of world heritage sites, stunning nature and long-term traditions. Just like other country, Vietnam surely has its own distinct climate features and unique culture that you should know in order to wear nicely and politely in some particular occasions or spaces. Follow our article below to find the best answers for the question"What to wear in Vietnam?".

1. Seasonal

Hot Seasons

Make sure you have read about the best time to visit Vietnam before setting foot in this beautiful country as there are clear changes in diffrent regions. In Northern Vietnam, there are 4 specific seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. However, to decide what to wear in Northern Vietnam , it can be divided into 2 main seasons: Hot Season (Aprill to November - Summer & Autumn) and Cold Season (December to March - Winter & Spring)

what to wear in vietnam

During hot seasons, the temperature in Northern Vietnam can reach 30-37 degrees Celsius (98 F) at day time and 22-26 at night, humidity is quite high. Hence, you can feel free to wear some t-shirts, shorts or dresses. The highest temperature is at around noon and the sunshine is harmful, so remember to bring along a long sleeve t-shirt or jeans to cover your shoulders and legs.

Cold Seasons

Winter and spring are 2 seasons that you will experience the coldest days in Vietnam. The temperature can be less than 13 degrees Celsius when seasonal winds and drizzles come. Vietnam Tours from South Africa would like to advise you to pack some warm jackets, bennies and sweater in winter to protect your body. Bring with you a rain coat or umbrella in Spring cause it will be drizzly all day.

Pack some jackets as winter in Northern Vietnam can get really cold

The summer temperature in Central and Southern Vietnam is as the same as the northern. However, the winter there is much more pleasant with the temperature of 18-25 degrees. Thus, the suitable clothes to wear in cold seasons in Central and Southern Vietnam are quite diverse. Feel free to pack some shorts, tees, skirts or tank tops and some lightweigh jackets to wear at night.
what to wear in vietnam 3

2. Regional

Big Cities and Tourist Destinations

Undoubtedly, many tourists traveling to Vietnam will wonder if it is acceptable to wear above-the-knee dress, crop tops, tank tops or skinny jeans in Vietnam. The answer is ‘Yes’ if you’re planning to visit big cities (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, etc) and other famous tourist destinations. You’re worried about Vietnamese culture and traditional? Nowadays, Vietnam is changing so much in comparison to itself in the past, especially in fashion styles. In some big cities and beach paradises in Vietnam like Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Mui Ne, it is no hard to spot many local youngsters with half-naked clothes, sexy crop tops or swimming suits walking on the streets but no one will bat an eye about their appearances. Vietnamese people in these touristy areas are actually really friendly, kind and non-judgemental. They understand about the changes; Beside, local people don’t ever want you to abide by their fashion choices.

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You can almost wear comfortably and freely at any tourist destinations in Vietnam

Rural Areas

Opposite to big cities in Vietnam, the local people in rural areas, countryside and remote villages are not so familiar with today’s hot trends but traditional costumes and unassuming clothes which tends to cover their legs, knees, belly, etc. Hence, it is recommended to wear modestly when traveling to these places or staying at someone’s houses. T-shirt and shorts are always great choices. Dress and skirt should not be too short or you will show your disrespect to the old ages there.

Tourists wearing the classic Non La of Vietnam

4. Special Circumstances

Tet Holidays

Occured at the transition period of Winter and Spring, Tet is the most important occasion of the year to Vietnamese people. According to Vietnamese culture, Vietnamese people often buy and wear new clothes to welcome an upcoming Tet with the hope of luckiness, happiness and togetherness for a new year. When traveling to Vietnam in this special occasion, all you have to do is wear your best. Delicate suits and jackets are recommended, especially when you have to visit your friend’s houses during the festival. We recommend you to pack some red clothes or jackets as this colour is considered as the appearance of luckiness according to Vietnamese culture.

what to wear in vietnam 6

Attend Wedding in Vietnam

What to wear to a wedding in vietnam? It can be said that a wedding is a wedding when it comes to formal wear. In Vietnamese weddings, bride and groom will wear the normal wedding dress or the traditional costumes depending on the their interests. For us as special guests, when being invited to the wedding, you need to wear as delicate as you can. Elegant styles, formal suites such as veston, long sleeve t-shirt with black/blue trousers will be great for males. Except shorts, females can wear the traditional Vietnamese dress Ao Dai, jeans, colorful dresses or not-too-short skirt with stockings.

Vietnamese Bride and Western Groom in the wedding

Visit Temples in Vietnam

Tourists often wonder what to wear to temples in Vietnam. In most of Buddhist pagodas and temples in Vietnam, you are not allowed to wear any of your sexy and seductive clothes such as clubbing outfits, mini skirt, dancing suits. Temple and Buddhism in general is specially hallowed and cherished to every Vietnamese people. They think that wearing modestly and elegantly is an essential way to not only show their respect to the Buddha but also dedicate to them by all their hearts.

A Vietnamese girl wearing Ao Dai to the temple

Tourist wearing elegantly to Temple of Literature in Hanoi

What to Wear as a Teacher in Vietnam

Many foreign tourists are now concerned about getting a teaching job in Vietnam due to its well-paid salary plus cheap living costs in Vietnam. However, many people would wonder what to wear as a teacher in Vietnam. Vietnamese local female teachers usually wear the Vietnamese traditional clothing – Ao Dai. However, as a foreigners teaching in Vietnam, you need to wear politely, especially when teaching for small kids. You should wear any T-Shirts that cover your shoulders; Dresses should be around knee level or longer. Formal dresses can be easily found at local markets. If you can’t find one, just go to see a local tailor to get textile and a unique design that suits you best.

It is much easier for male teachers to find the answer for the question “What to wear teaching in Vietnam?”. T-shirt and long trousers or jeans should be the best. A black tie is needed in important meeting or events.

Simple and polite clothes can make a good Impression on the students

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will learn a bit more about what to wear in Vietnam. Continue reading our Vietnam Travel Guide to get ready for your upcoming trip to this beautiful country.

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