Street Food in Vietnam: Authentic Taste of Vietnamese
Street food in Vietnam is one of the things that makes travel to Vietnam famous in the recent years. Vietnamese cuisine is distinctive and considered a highlight of traveling in Vietnam. Here are our suggestions on Vietnam’s tasting experience


Hanoi street food can be found literally everywhere in the city from down many sides of the main streets to the narrow alleyways. However, the majority of tastiest food often located in the Old Quarter. Hanoi street food price is considered the cheapest all over the world, a walking tour is around U.S$ 20 and for motorcycle tour, the maximum price is U.S$ 50. Street food guides are all originally Hanoians and they are enthusiastic in introducing the historical background and the ingredients that make up the flavor of different dishes.

Street food in Hanoi's Old Quarter

There are hundreds of offers for tourists to taste Hanoi street food. Normally, it is more exciting to sit on small plastic stools on the sidewalks and watch the people passing by at small eateries. Discover more about Hanoi Street Food.

Hoi An

Hoi An is a magical place to visit and street food in Hoi An is mesmerizing. The Old Town of Hoi An was untouched by the war, so the buildings are old and retain a lot of its architecture and history. Hoi An street food is as local as it gets. The local people totally live off of the land and make a living from what grows on the land. Everything that you taste is originally sourced from within the city.

To taste the best street food in Vietnam, you should pay a visit to Hoi An Old Market, which is located not too far from the Japanese Covered Bridge. The market comprises a wide range of family-run food stalls and local vendors selling the best Hoi An specialties from Cao Lau to Banh Xeo, from Hoi An chicken rice to Banh Mi Hoi An, etc.

Hoi An's street food

Seafood is freshly caught from the nearest rivers and oceans, rice flour is milled from scratch using rice from the local paddy fields, noodle’s broth water is scooped out from the local wells. Each restaurant and street food vendor specializes in specific dishes and you may find no menu available or prices listed anywhere.

Hoi An’s cooking classes are also available for tourists to learn how to cook traditional and distinctive food in the right way.

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Ho Chi Minh City - Saigon

Likewise in Hanoi, street food in Sai Gon exists in every district, on every street corner, alley which gives the feeling of Sai Gon is like a gigantic open-air restaurant.

Ben Thanh night street food market in Ho Chi Minh City

Sai Gon street food is cheap and delicious. Eating street food in Sai Gon is more than that, it is about the atmosphere and the ambiance of the city offer. Eating street food here is without doubt one of the best things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.

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After reading this post, I hope you will get a quick insight into Street food in Vietnam as well as the tasting experiences in the 3 biggest kingdoms of Vietnamese foods. For more travel guides and tips, please check out our Vietnam holiday packages.

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