Traveling in large group means sometimes you will have your itinerary laid out and be put on an exacting and tight schedule. Nevertheless, there are many advantages to for groups of travelers like a discount, privileged entrances and having your bags carried to your room.



There is always safety in numbers. You can protect yourself from muggers, street vendors or maybe even scamp taxi drivers.

Numbers and New Friends

You will get to know and make friends with the other folks on your tour. Perhaps, singled travelers might find their “the one” after joining in a tour. Having someone to share the interests and the joy that make your vacation more worth-while.

Traveling with new friends brings greater experience

Local Expert/Guide/Translator at Your Service

Join-in tours will arrange the local guides and they mostly are friendly, helpful, attentive, flexible and knowledgeable. They will try to answer your questions and introduce to tourists the most authentic experience of the destination. They also can help you deal with difficulties you may meet while traveling due to the language barrier or different customs.

Meals worry-free

Main meals are often offered by the tour operators. Thus, tourists can have a chance to taste the traditional dishes of the region. Food safety can also be ensured as tour operators always put food safety in priority.

Most of the time meals are included in tours

Skip the lines

The last thing you want to waste on vacation is time. Well, that and money, but your time on vacation is what’s most precious. Tickets are bought before-hand and tour groups not only get their own entrances without lines at a lot of attractions, they sometimes get in an hour before the general public.

Tours will have your tickets bought in advance, no more waiting in lines


Tight schedule and early mornings

There will be literally no time to rest if you join in a big group tour. Attractions are planed ahead to save every minute in the tour and it is sometimes quite overwhelming to see and remember where you have been to. Almost all the tours will wake you up since 6:30 in the morning, rush you to breakfast and take you to places.

Tight schedule and early morning are usually seen in tours

Slow motion and annoyance

Groups move slowly, especially groups that have senior travelers. Older people need more time to travel from A to B and they tend to stop at one destination longer than younger people do.

Moreover, in every group tour, there is always a guy or a lady who constantly complains, nags about everything in every minute of the trip or a child keeps asking for stuffs. With a bit of luck, there might be someone in the group could soothe him or her.

Annoying kids may also be on tours

Optional Excursions Cost More

A lot of things are included in the base tours, but sometimes, the options that we might want to do become the additional expense that we did not anticipate. Therefore, tourists must remember to always bring along an amount of money to pay for what they need.

Just the Facts

Some tour guides say what tourists consider boring like historical facts or they make things up too much for us to hardly believe in. As you all know, everyone nowadays has a smart phone with internet access so it is needless for tour guides to say what has been clearly written on the internet.

Overall, it is up to you to be a solo travelers or a member of a join-in tour.

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