A Brief Introduction of Laos' Climate
If you are planning to travel to Laos, you will probably be wondering a lot of questions about Laos. Well, one of those burning questions before traveling to Laos might be about Laos’ climate. In this guide, we will give you a brief of information which you need to know about the weather in Laos.


There are two main seasons in Laos: rainy season which runs from May to October and dry season which runs from November to April.

During the rainy season, because of the high humidity, there might be a heavy shower that lasts for a few hours every few days but not all day. Before the rain comes, you might find yourself a little bit uncomfortable by the weather, however, this is not a severe problem because after the rain, the sky becomes clearer. The air is cooler and fresher, you can even feel the cool breeze as well as catch a view of a rainbow from afar.

Children playing under the shower in Pakse, Laos

Although from November to April, it is the dry season, this season is distinctively separated into two kinds of weather, cool and dry weather from November to February and hot and dry weather from March to April.

The cool and dry season is considered the most comfortable time to travel for tourists, hence, it is the peak season for Laos’ tourism industry and the price might rise a bit during this time. While the hot and dry season is not ideal for people to travel to Lao, it might be exciting to join in the time of celebration. There are many festivals held during this time of the year, especially the Lao New Year – the country’s most noticeable and significant festival – which takes place in the fifth lunar month around mid-April annually. The Laotians call their New Year festival with a dear name – Pimai Festival.


Throughout the year, the average temperature in Laos is at around 29⁰C. The hottest months are March, April and May at when the heat can rise up to 40⁰C. Other months are cooler, in the lowland areas like Vientiane the lowest temperature is approximately 15⁰C, but in the mountainous areas, the temperature is freezing.

Packing clothes for Laos

The clothes that you should pack depends on the time of the year and the seasons in Laos.

For hot-season-travelers (March to April), cotton clothes are highly recommended in forms of short or sleeveless top. However, one thing to notice, if there is a temple visit on your schedule, you should bring along sleeve shirts and long pants as it is a part of dressing rule when visiting temples. In addition, don’t forget your hat, your sunglasses and suncream as the sun light during midday is quite harsh.

Pack your bags light when traveling to Laos

In cool and dry season (November to February), it would be wise to bring your jacket in your luggage due to the fact that it can be quite chilly in the mornings in northern provinces such as Luang Prabang, Sam Neua, Huay Xai and Muang Kham.

Should you travel during the period from May to October, remember not to forget your raincoat or umbrella as the rain might come unexpectedly.

For the type of shoes, it would be best if you can equip a pair of sandals or flip-flops. They are easier and convenient to travel around. The temples also do not allow guests to wear shoes when visiting. Do not worry if you forget your sandals, you should be able to buy a pair while traveling and they are also cheap.

» Needless to say, Laos is still a wonderful destination for a holiday, let's find out more about Laos culture to plan your trip with us!

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