Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Cambodia's major tourist hubs and home to the eighth wonder of the world, are connected by a 318-kilometer journey, despite being only 231 kilometers apart.

For those planning a trip between these iconic destinations, there are six popular transport options to consider, including plane, train, bus, boat, taxi, or private car, each catering to different preferences and budgets. Here are some of the best ways to travel from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, ensuring a memorable Cambodian adventure.

1. By Flight

Getting from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap by air is regarded as the most convenient as well as the safest way. Each city has its own domestic airport but they are pretty small. It only takes you 2h13m for a direct flight so traveling by air is also the least time-consuming way.

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Airplane is the fastest and safest way to travel from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Which Airlines Fly from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap?

There are some airlines offering Phnom Penh to Siem Reap cheap flights such as Cambodia Angkor Air which provides 4 direct flights a day.

The Phnom Penh to Siem Reap plane ticket often fluctuates from $40 to $180. You can easily buy the ticket directly or book it online through

Cambodia Angkor Air

  • Address: House 206A, Preah Norodom Boulevard, Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh City, Cambodia
  • Tel: +855 23 666 6789
  • Email:
  • Website:

Airplane from Cambodia Angkor Air

2. By Bus

Taking a bus is not only the main way to travel in Cambodia but also the cheapest way to get from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. There are many kinds of buses here, from the economical minibus to sleeper bus, VIP buses (luxury bus) and even the hotel bus. Phnom Penh to Siem Reap bus is provided by a lot of local companies such as Seila Angkor Express, Giant Ibis Transport, Vireak Buntham, Phnom Penh Sorya, KSO Transport, Bayon VIP, Olongpich Transport and Mey Hong Bus.

Tourists sitting inside an a/c bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

These bus companies are much better than the public Cambodian bus services because they have fewer stops, less crowded and drive more carefully. The luxury bus is smaller and more comfortable, only 15 people for a ride. Phnom Penh to Siem Reap bus fare depends on which type of bus you choose. It often ranges from $8-$20 for one way.

Since the road distance is longer, the bus journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap takes approximately 6 hours. The buses depart every 30 minutes and run every day. They have both day bus and night bus option, but Phnom Penh to Siem Reap overnight bus (night sleeper bus) is better for your convenience as you can take a nap before reaching the next destination.

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The Mekong Express Bus is About to Depart from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Giant Ibis Transport

  • Address: 7E0, Road 106, Sangkat Doun Penh, Khan Doun Penh
  • Tel: +855 96 999 3333
  • Email:
  • Web:

Inside the Giant Ibis Transport's bus

Vireak Buntham Express

  • Address: #29 Street 47, Songkat Sras Jork, Khan Donpenh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Tel: +855 81 911 911
  • Email:
  • Website:

Foreign tourist getting on Virak Buntham's Night Bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

3. By Boat

Another way is to travel from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap via boat. The best time to use boat services is the wet season (from July to March) when the water level is high. If you want your trip becoming an exciting adventure, this is definitely the best option for you.

Phnom Penh to Siem Reap boat departs at 07:00 AM daily from the Phnom Penh Port on Sisowath Quay and the trip takes about four to six hours. You can easily choose the express boat (fast boat), ferry, river cruise or luxury cruise for your trip. It will be your most memorable experience to explore the local life whilst enjoying the amazing scenery along the way.

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On the Angkor Express Boat trip from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Phnom Penh to Siem Reap by boat price is $18 to $ 25. The ticket purchased through hotels and travel agencies is often cheaper than at the ferry offices. Despite generally safe, there are few local boat companies enforcing life jackets on its boats.

Angkor Express Boat Trip

For luxury cruising from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, you can consider various luxury vessels and itineraries of Cambodia river cruises from Top Mekong Cruise. The cruises got all you need for an enjoyable and memorable excursion including onboard swimming pools, restaurants, spa, cafe, etc. 

Top Mekong Cruise

Jayavarman is one of the best cruises from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

4. By Taxi

Taxi is also a means of transport that will help you get to Siem Reap from Phnom Penh. Unlike bus, the taxi is more flexible and you can take one whenever you want. It is also faster than buses and takes you about 5.5 hours for the whole way.

There are 2 common types of taxi: private taxi (can fit 4 passengers) and Van Taxi (up to 15 passengers). If you go alone you can take Phnom Penh to Siem Reap private taxi. However, if you need more space for baggage, you had better take a Van Taxi.

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Taxi at Phnom Penh streets

Phnom Penh to Siem Reap taxi service costs $70 to $200 for a ride so make sure to negotiate the price with the driver before you hop into any taxi. Below are some reliable taxi companies for you to choose:

Phnom Penh Taxi

  • Address: #14 Street 282, Khan Boeng Keng Kang 1, Phnom Penh
  • Tel: +855 1777 6755
  • Email:
  • Website: 

Cambodia Taxi

Cambodia taxi waiting at Phnom Penh Airport

5. By Private Car

Getting from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap by private car is another solution for your trip, especially when you travel with a big group. The journey time is approximately six hours. The drivers will pick you up from your hotel, the airport, or any other location convenient for you. You can also stop along the way for toilet breaks, coffees, and even sightseeing if you wish.

Private car must be the most comfortable ways to travel from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Depending on you and your group's needs, you can choose a safe, reliable and clean private car. On average, a Phnom Penh to Siem Reap private car fluctuates from $75 to $180. Make sure to book your taxi in advance to have a more comfortable car with better services at a reasonable price.You can book a Phnom Penh to Siem Reap private car through:

Cambodia Private Car Service

 Hopefully, our post just helps you a bit to choose the most suitable ways to get from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. For more information and useful tips about Cambodia, please feel free to continue reading our Cambodia Travel Guide.

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