I am sure we all know that Vietnam is one of the leading tourist attractions in the world, so nobody needs to tell you that visiting Vietnam will cost you money. 

I Promise at the end of the article you will have an insight of the amount you will need in Vietnam when you go visiting.

Before starting with the main article, the first point I will want you to understand and get clear is that the amount of money you will spend in Vietnam solely depends on you. The type of food you choose to eat, the standard of the accommodation you are choosing, your plans on places to visit and other things that may attract you as a tourist.

A quick one

Vietnam happens to be one of the fastest growing countries in Asia. This accounts for one of the major reasons why people visit the city. Even though the average spending cost for a tourist increase gradually, people still find their way to Vietnam to visit the country.

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If you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest, eat the best foods, the best accommodation and visit top tourist attractions (A five star experience), then a budget of $250 per day will keep you on point.

I will start by breaking down the cost you will spend in Vietnam. The breakdown will range from food, accommodation, flight, and tourism. 

Before thinking of your budget, always remember the Vietnam currency, the availability of ATM and the exchange rate.

Before the breakdown let me quickly give an overview of the amount needed when travelling in Vietnam. 

If you want to travel around Vietnam as a backpack, a budget of $40 will be ok per day. The luxuries will be limited at this budget. With this daily budget, you would eat in local restaurants rather than the Western Cafes and eateries.

If you want to enjoy a more comfortable backpacker experience then a daily budget of $50 will do. With this budget, you will still have enough money to buy foods and drinks.

If you want a comfortable mid-range experience in Vietnam, with a budget of $60- $110 you will be ok. With this amount, you will be able to afford a 3 to 4 star hotel room; you will also be able to eat in restaurants that are of mid or high range. Activities won’t by pass you with that amount likewise tourist attractions. 

$200-$250 will give you a five star treat at Vietnam. With this budget, you will be able to afford a five star hotel room, you eat the best food from the best eateries, you enjoy tourist attractions and you can also dine out if you like to.


I guess that holistic summary has done justice to the amount to be spent when in Vietnam for visit. 

Accommodation in Vietnam varies likewise the price. Some accommodations happen to be family owned guest house while some are luxurious hotels. You city and location determines the hotel you are to choose from. But trust me, you will find good mid-range accommodation that will suit your taste and will fall within your budget.

To save money on feeding in Vietnam irrespective of your budget,  you need to eat Local foods (ensure you avoid dishes that have been deep fried), the local foods don’t only saves cost, it tends to be more healthier than foods in  the western restaurants, cafes and eateries.


You can also patronize street food stands in Vietnam. Their food is not just delicious; the food is also clean and safe. Most popular Vietnam dishes cost between 10,000 to 15,000 Vietnam dong (about 50 to 80 cents). The major reason why eating from western restaurants may cost you is that their dishes are expensive, this is because of the Vietnam Import tax.

The cost for Alcohol and cigarettes is very affordable. 30,000 t0 50,000 dongs will give you the access to buy local beers at some nice rooftop cafes while 100,000 dongs to 150,000 dongs will get you imported beer. Especially, a bottle of beer in local shops will surely cost you less than $1. Spirits are also very cheap in the country.

For your travelling in Vietnam (Domestic Flight), your flight cost is affordable and it will also make your journey faster.

I hope this article has been helpful on the amount that you will spend in Vietnam. If you're still wondering when is the best time to visit Vietnam, continue reading our post here: https://vietnamtour.co.za/best-time-to-visit-vietnam

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