Hanoi’s culture and art scene are rich and diverse. From well-presented, elegant to contemporary art galleries, Hanoi has a lot to offer, allowing to learn more about the fascinating Vietnamese and Hanoi art and culture. Check out our top 10 most famous art galleries in Hanoi to have a closer look at the masterpieces of Hanoian talented artists.

1. Hanoi DocLab

As the name suggests, this contemporary art gallery in Hanoi is about video art and documentary film. It’s better known as a laboratory than a gallery. If you’re interested in unusual contemporary art in Hanoi, then this special one is a must for you. DOCLAB focuses on experimental documentaries and the works of video artists. It also offers workshops, discussion groups, courses and film screenings for students and visitors.

  • Address: House 11, Lane 378/12 Thuy Khe, Tay Ho District

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2. Manzi Art Space and Cafe

Manzi is a café and also one of the most well-known contemporary art galleries in a beautiful colonial-style villa. As a cool art gallery and chic café and bar combined together, you’ll get the best of both worlds. While the shady courtyard garden is perfect for a cup of coffee, the exquisite interior with full of eclectic collections of art is an ideal space to immerse in the delightful touch of art or spend your day working on your laptop among beautiful artworks. In addition to exhibitions, there are also regular workshops, book introductions, a film screening or live music performances. Manzi is a great place to chill out, just pass by for a look at the latest exhibition from contemporary artists and then kick back for a coffee or hang out.

  • Address: 14 Phan Huy Ich Street, Nguyen Trung Truc Ward, Ba Dinh District
  • Opening Hours: 08:00 AM - 10:30 PM daily
  • Website: https://www.manziart.space/

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3. Nguyen Art Gallery

Listed as one of the best fine art galleries in Hanoi, Nguyen Art Gallery boasts a wide number of high-quality paintings of all kinds from lacquer paintings, charcoal paintings, watercolor paintings to other popular materials such as oil on canvas or acrylic on canvas. The gallery exhibits authentic paintings and sculptures depicting daily life and the natural beauty of Vietnam. With a number of contemporary works by young talented Vietnamese artists, this is a great place to immerse in unique art and culture.

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4. Institut Francais de Hanoi

Spanning over five floors in a former printing house in the heart of Hanoi, the Institut Français de Hanoï is more a center of art and learning in Hanoi with elegant gallery space. This art school also hosts a regular range of lectures, contemporary exhibitions, movies, performances and talks and music. It is absolutely a nice place to learn and take in the cultural and artistic space in Hanoi.

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5. Green Palm Gallery

Conveniently located at the heart of Hanoi with two spaces occupying the 2 most bustling streets of Hanoi, Hang Gai and Trang Tien, Green Palm Gallery is one of the most professional and prestigious art galleries in Vietnam. Run by an art critic in 1996, this famous institute is a place of choice for collectors in the country and around the world, and for local artists to nurture their love and achievement in art. Visiting the gallery, you will experience the insightful vision of contemporary art in Vietnam while admiring unique and special exhibitions. Boasting a mixture of fine art and contemporary art, this gallery is a place to find some truly authentic and original art pieces.

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6. Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA)

Housed in the Vincom Megamall shopping center, VCCA is a large-scale, non-profit center focusing on Vietnamese contemporary art in order to inspire and contribute to the improvement of spiritual life in Vietnam. With a wide range of exhibitions and valuable artworks of Vietnam, VCCA is a spacious meeting place for artists and those interested in Vietnamese culture and art. In addition to the exhibition area, the center also features a creative workshop, an art class, a video gallery, a tea house, etc.

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7. Art Vietnam Gallery

Art Vietnam Gallery is an international art gallery boasting a wide collection of amazing artworks especially contemporary Vietnamese art including painting, lacquer, photography, sculpture, prints, and video. This intimate, creative gallery also offers a number of activities such as music events, art consultations, poetry reading, and other cultural activities.

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8. Zó Project Gallery

If traditional Vietnamese paper fancies you, this little art gallery, a store is a great place for beautiful handicraft paintings or postcards. It displays artistic works made from this traditional material and spread the local spirit and national pride to the world. Its strange and thrilling location, right on the beautiful train street of Hanoi, adds more charm to the gallery.

  • Address: 27 Railway, 5A Tran Phu Street, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening Hours: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM from Tuesday to Sunday
  • Website: https://www.zoproject.com/

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9. Hanoi Art Gallery

Another interesting art gallery in Hanoi is the little gem of Hanoi Art Gallery located on a bustling street packed with historical and cultural heritage. Just a short walk from the beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Art Gallery is a nice place to delve into the rich Vietnamese art and culture. It is a fair combination of new and old, contemporary and traditional, East and West bringing guests valuable experiences of Vietnamese art.

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10. Thang Long Art Gallery

Established in 1996, this family-run art gallery hidden in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a nice place to enjoy a fantastic Vietnamese art scene. With the desire to promote talented artists’ works of art to be accessible to the public, the gallery continues introducing guests stunning display, amazing paintings with high-quality service in a simple yet peaceful setting.

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If you’re curious about local art and culture, then these fascinating art galleries in Hanoi are stunning places to delve into. From the best contemporary art galleries, art center, arty café to family-run galleries, you’ll immerse in the beautiful Hanoi art scene which likes no others.

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