A comprehensive guide about traveling to Vietnam with kids from South Africa
If you are wondering where to go for your family trip with kids, the beautiful country of Vietnam with its stunning nature, culture and wonders will definitely a perfect option. However, the process of making plan could be stressful and time-consuming. To help you save your time with useful information, we provide you with a comprehensive guide with all the suggestions and tips you should know before traveling to Vietnam with kids.

Why traveling to Vietnam with kids?

Vietnam has no shortage of advantages for a fun-filled family holiday.

"Vietnam in Kristy Lowe' eyes" , video made by a girl, Kristy Lowe when she traveled to Vietnam with her family

A cheap holiday with an abundance of interesting things to do together

Vietnam is ranked among the cheapest and most reasonable destinations in the world. Air tickets to Vietnam, perhaps, are the cheapest in Southeast Asia. You can easily get tickets at a fairly low fare from different airlines such as AirAsia, Qantas or Tigerair with various promotions. 

For domestic transportation, there are several means of transport to get around Vietnam, from planes, trains, bus, taxis or private cars. You can choose to travel like a local to save amount of money. For long distance transition, trains are great options as they have more comfortable sleeping room, softer chairs and rooms for your kids to play around.

Vietnam also offers a wide range of accommodation options for all types of budget. Depending on the location, season and your style, the price could be varied, but it’s not hard to find a hotel room for your whole family from 30 – 50$ per night. For more authentic experience for your kids, homestay has becoming a trending lodging option for families giving your children chances to stay close and interact with local people and learn about local customs.

Breathtaking nature

Vietnam’s nature is varied and exotic with dramatic mountains landscapes in the north, pristine 3000 km-long coastlines, beautiful central highlands and the astoundingly vast maze of waterways in the Mekong Delta. So, if you want to get your children close to nature and teach them valuable lessons in adoring the beauty of it, Vietnam is definitely on your bucket list.

Exotic cuisine

In addition to diverse nature, Vietnam is also famous for its variety of cuisine. In general, eating in Vietnam is a delightful experience every visitor should try. If you’re traveling with kids, experiencing local cuisine must be the highlight of your trip. Unlike other Southeast Asia countries where the food is usually spicy, Vietnamese food is more kid-friendly with a balanced taste. Even your kids are picky eaters, there are plenty of choices such as Banh Mi, Pho, fried rice. You could even find a number of restaurants in big cities serving western menu, but with a higher price.

Colorful culture to learn about

Vietnam is home to more than fifty ethnic groups with multi cultures and practices. If you wish your kids to soak up with the colorful culture of different groups from different backgrounds, Vietnam is an ideal destination. Exploring new places with new culture is a special way for your children to socialize and learn lively lessons outside the classroom.

Eye-opening life lessons 

Traveling across the country, your children can get lots of educational lessons everywhere in Vietnam, from the country’s rich and old-age history to the biodiversity in different regions.

Moreover, Vietnam is still a developing country and some of its parts are underdeveloped. That means traveling around Vietnam gives you and your kids the chance to observe life, learn to share, help, empathy and appreciate everything.

When to visit Vietnam with kids

Vietnam’s weather can vary from region to region. If you’re planning to visit Vietnam with kids, it is necessary to consider the weather and plan your trip accordingly. In general, Vietnam is good to visit all year round, but the climate variations are worth considering for a perfect preparation.

North Vietnam has a distinct 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The winter lasts from December to February with the average temperature between 15 and 20°C. The summer's month is from April to August with hot, humid and wet weather. The spring (from February to April) and autumn (from September to November) having the most pleasant temperature, are considered the best seasons to visit the North.

South Vietnam has 2 main seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The wet season (from May to October) often has heavy but short lasting downpours in the afternoon and sometimes tropical storms and typhoons may occur. Therefore, the best time to visit this region is the beginning of the dry season (in early November) when the weather is usually cooler and the humidity is lower.

Central Vietnam's climate is influenced by both the North and South. You can visit the big city like Da Nang year round apart from the wet season (September to January). Nha Trang which has warm temperatures and little rain in the dry season (from January to September) is another attractive destination in the Central area.

Traveling to Vietnam with kids during Tet

Tet is an important holiday in Vietnam which marks the beginning of a New Year, usually happening late January/early February.

Traveling to Vietnam with kids during Tet holiday could be a new experience for your family, or a challenge, though. For the main 3-4 days of Tet, most restaurants, museums and other attractions will be closed. Accommodation in Vietnam is not hard to find during Tet, but it’s best to book in advanced.

If you’re considering visiting Vietnam with kids during Tet, make sure to plan carefully about food, entertainment, accommodation, transportation and all the adventures in between.

Best things to do with kids when traveling to Vietnam

Taking a sneak-peek experience and learn about the history at Cu Chi Tunnels

Only 30 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh center, Cu Chi Tunnels is an expansive underground network built in wartime to serve as the shelter for Viet Cong. Crawl through the winding tunnels and see all the chambers will definitely fascinate your children. Not only a fun physical activity, an exploration of this incredible system also offers an in-depth historic stories about the hardship of war. In sum, a day trip to Cu Chi Tunnels will be a highlight of any family trip as it’s suitable for all ages.

Exploring Mekong Delta - “rice bowl” of Vietnam with a stunning boat trip and bike ride

Venturing out further from Ho Chi Minh city, the tranquil land of Mekong Delta is an enticing places to fully immerse into the rich and colorful culture of Vietnam rural countryside. The region is home to some of the most famous and unique floating markets, hidden traditional cottages, verdant orchards and astounding maze of waterways. With all the delightful sights and sounds, you and your kids will join the boat tour and drift along its winding canals, or enjoy a bike ride around the serene villages, walk through the rice fields. It must be one-of-a-kind experience in your Vietnam family trip.

Cooking class in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnamese cuisine is always exotic to explore. Taking part in a cooking class in Ho Chi Minh is a great way to get yours kids involved with the local cuisine and create sweet memories together. Your kids will be excited to make their own dish, using the ingredients and recipe they never use before. And finally, it is lovely to share your time to enjoy the food together. 

Watching a water puppet show

Your children will love to see this joyful show. They will find the performances delightful with lovely wooden puppets, magical acting and lighting with funny characters floating on the water. To kids, this show is definitely entertaining and relaxing.

Taking an eco-tour in the ancient town of Hoi An

Hoian is always a must-see destination for any trip to Vietnam. If you’re traveling with your kids, do not miss out on this charming city. Walking along its winding alleys, cycling through the tranquil villages and having some fun with an exciting boat ride and interesting traditional games, your family will find it’s totally worth spending time exploring this ancient town on an eco-tour.

Exploring Hanoi on cyclo

Taking a leisurely cyclo ride around the narrow and bustling streets of Hanoi gives you a chill and relaxing feeling. This unique means of transportation will also fascinate your kids as it provides them a panoramic view of the surroundings. Exploring the capital city on this traditional vehicle will be a nice experience.

Enjoying a street food tour in Hanoi

Street food is one of the most favorite parts for both children and adults when traveling around Hanoi. Heading out on a walking tour, meandering along the narrow and crowded streets lined with street vendors, shops and restaurants and treating yourself to some savory streets food, which are, perhaps, famous throughout the world.

Cruising amongst the dreamscape of Halong Bay

The Natural world wonder of Halong Bay is an unmissable destination in the itinerary of any family trip to Vietnam. With stunning scenery, dramatic limestone karsts, mysterious caves, tranquil islands, the way is a picture-perfect place to have relaxing holiday with your loved ones. During the cruise, your kids will love to join a wide range of activities from kayaking, swimming, caving, exploring floating villages, and relaxing onboard. The bay is nothing short of indulgent experiences and memories.

Traveling in Vietnam is always a delightful experience for all of your family member. For a more memorable journey, you can totally plan your own holiday and create your own memories with just a few simple steps. Tell us your wish and we will offer you a blissful trip with those you love the most.

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