Vietnam Travel Tips for Seniors
Vietnam used to present itself to senior travelers as a destination to empathy the painful and hard days of Vietnam War. However, recently, senior tourists are attracted by the natural settings, the people and the culture themselves.

1. Visit Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta

A visit from North to South of Vietnam is possibly an ideal adventure for seniors as they are able to arrange a long period to deeply enjoy Vietnam’s beauty in every corner.

Starting from Hanoi, it is the city where you can see the medieval and the modern co-exist, antique Old Quarter lying in the middle of developing city where skyscrapers are seen everywhere. A walk or a rickshaw ride around the Old Quarter would take tourists back in time to more than 2000 years ago like an old film that playing all the parts of the ancient history, the colonial legacy and the modern outlook.

Hanoi's Old Quarter at night, Vietnam

For refreshment and perhaps a dose of rejuvenation potion, Halong Bay will bring senior tourist a brand new breeze of the immense limestone mountains rising above jade shade of water. Halong cruise ship also takes you far away to explore the lives of fishermen in fishing villages in the middle of the ocean.

The living pace in Hoi An is much slower. Hoi An is the city on Vietnam’s central coast cut through with canals. Hoi An’s architecture is a mixture of styles from wooden Chinese shophouses and temples, colorful French colonial building, ornate Vietnam tube houses to the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge.

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly called Saigon, is the city for travelers who are always on the go. This sophisticated metropolis is brasher, more dynamic and younger than Hanoi and embracing consumerism and capitalism, but without forsaking its Saigonese charm.

Ho Chi Minh City's centre

Again, senior travelers will be soothed by the glamour of the scenic world surrounding by channels, swamps, orchard trees of Mekong Delta. In Mekong Delta region, senior will have their mouth watered by the taste of hundreds of exotic tropical fruits in the locals’ gardens.

2. Take Half-day Tours Only

A full-day tour for senior tourists is probably beyond their capacity as it is required to travel around a lot. Half-day tours include activities that are appropriate for seniors and the rest of the day will be perfectly ideal for senior tourists to rest and get ready for the next day.

3. Stay in Apartment If Traveling in Big Group

For a family group or a friend group, it is more convenient to settle a place to stay, perhaps an apartment rather than book a hotel room. By choosing a more appropriate place to stay, members in traveling group will have quality time together and tighten family’s bond.

Somerset Apartment in Hanoi, Vietnam

4. Avoid Bicycle Trips and Take Slow Boat Trips

Bicycle tours are really exhausting and they require physical endurance to keep on track with the guide. That is why slow boat trips are better ways to enjoy your holidays in Vietnam. Vietnam has a dense network of rivers, thus, going on a boat trip is a great way to embrace Vietnam’s beauty from a different angle. Boat trip in Mekong Delta region would be an ideal adventure for senior tourists.

5. Visit Uncrowded Places

There are a few places in Vietnam that provide peaceful and tranquil travel atmosphere such as Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa province or Moon Garden in Duong Lam, just out in the suburb area of Hanoi.

Pu Luong, a nature reserve established in 1999, is an interesting attraction on Vietnam tourism map with the captivating scene of rice terraces, dense tropical forests, authentic villages and houses on stilts.

Moon Garden in Duong Lam village, likewise, is a great accommodation for older age travelers where consists of more than 800 ancient houses and cultural and historical relics. Duong Lam village is the place where represent truly authentic Vietnam.

Entrance gate to Duong Lam Village, Hanoi

6. Request for Join-in Tours

It is safer for seniors to travel in tours and it is also an opportunity for making friends with other folks in the tour. Join in tours will arrange all of the entrance tickets, hence, there is no time will be wasted in queuing and travelers can have more time for sightseeing. Moreover, discount chances are higher if join in a group tour. 

» Hopefully, after reading this short article, you will gain the some cool Vietnam travel tips to get ready for a memorable trip to Vietnam ahead. Aside from all of the above, going on a beach holiday is also a popular activity for senior travelers - consider our Vietnam Beach Holidays here!

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