Travel on the Cheap: Explore the Best of Vietnam and Cambodia in 13 Days Only From R14999
Looking for a vacation in Southeast Asia? Then make your time for 2 weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia and take a journey into the heart and soul of the lands of serenity and mystique.

From the hidden gem of Hanoi - the capital city of Vietnam, cruise through the jaw-dropping landscapes of Halong Bay on a luxurious junk boat, step back in time with a stroll around the ancient town of Hoian, get captivated with the rustic yet enchanting scenery of rural Vietnam and delve into the endless charm of the incredible Angkor complex. Get ready to keep your eyes on the fascinating delights of Southeast Asia.


Ravel in the Charming Delights of Hanoi

The first and foremost destination in any Vietnam trip is definitely the capital city of Hanoi. This little pearl is more than just a tourist attraction, it’s a cultural and historical hub of the entire country. Chaotic yet fascinating, Hanoi allures any traveler’s hearts from its architectural gems, unique museums, bustling streets, exotic cuisines, and buzzing nightlights.

Aerial skyline view of Hanoi. Hanoi cityscape at twilight

There’s no better way to delve into the city’s heart is taking a leisurely stroll through the lively streets lined with impressive colonial buildings. While exploring Hanoi’s Old Quarter, you have no choice but to gaze upon the intricate architecture, pagodas, and temples and immerse into the always-bustling vibe of the city.

Temple of Literature - The First University of Vietnam

But wait, there is one thing that you can’t miss while getting around this part of the world- street food, of course. Eating right in the street for a real steal is absolutely a must for anyone keen on the city’s cuisine culture and for those can’t hold themselves back from the appealing smell radiating from street vendors. In this tour, you’ll have a chance to indulge in the irresistible flavor of some typical eats from tasty snacks, fresh fruits to must-try dishes in Hanoi. Just eat to your heart’s content.

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Banh Cuon - One of the most delicious Vietnamese cuisines

Street food tours happening on the sidewalk of Hanoi

Enjoy a Fantastic Overnight Cruise in Halong Bay

As the hidden gem of Northern Vietnam, Halong Bay is absolutely worth a visit for an out-of-this-world experience. Its iconic limestone peaks, jungle-clad mountains, and countless picturesque islands make it no less than a heaven, ideal for nature lovers, honeymooners or even adventurers.

Beautiful orange sunrise and rock islands in Halong Bay Vietnam

Imagine you’re on a scenic cruise floating along the calm and blue water, feel the cool breezes in your hair, sunbathe in the warm sunshine and see the mind-blowing scenery flying by. Let your dream come true in this dreamy holiday. Jump on a Junk boat with Vietnam Tours from South Africa, venture out to the heart of the bay, relax in peace and join a wide range of fun-filled experiences that the bay has to offer. What’s there not to love?

Sunbathing on the sundeck of Halong Bay Cruise

Travel Back in Time with Beautiful Hoian Ancient Town

This little ancient town is always well worth a visit thanks to its well-preserved architecture, beautiful nature and lovely people. Peaceful and tranquil, this enchanting town is a separate world from modern life. Take a wander around its hidden corners and experience the perfect balance of the old and modern impression on the go.

Hoi An Vietnam old town city at sunset

Hoi An is arguably a food hub of Vietnam. Going on a food tour is one of the unmissable things to do while you’re in Hoian. Our well-organized program under the guidance of experienced chef will bring you an ultimate culinary experience. They’re all authentic and made by you, from fresh ingredients chosen from a local market to exotic dishes cooked on your own way. Learn some traditional local recipes and treat your friends and family with Vietnamese food as you come back home.

Cooking Class in Hoi An

For the best experience in this charming town, you are offered a free day to explore the town on your own. Think of a trip to its pristine beaches, explore its colonial houses, cyclo around the sleepy village or get some tailor-made clothes. Enjoy anything that takes your fancy.

Basket boat floated along narrow waterways in Thu Bon River Hoi An

The An Bang beach with sunbathing people in Hoi An town

Get Acquainted with the Bustling Ho Chi Minh City

Bustling yet enchanting, Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is a must-visit destination in Southeast Asia for its vibrant attractions, richness in history, and the perfect blend of culture. From exotic street food to magnificent architectural sites, Ho Chi Minh has all of it.

Scenic view of the Ho Chi Minh City Hall in Vietnam

For a free day in this buzzing metropolis, make the most of your time discovering all of the impressive delights. Walk around the vibrant streets to get a glimpse of local life, visit all of the well-preserved colonial buildings, shop at the famous Ben Thanh Market, stroll along Saigon River or get a cheap glass of fresh beer with friendly locals. Why not?

Sunset on Ben Thanh market, Ho Chi Minh City

Get Lost in the Agricultural Heartland of Vietnam - Mekong Delta

As the highlight of your trip in Southern Vietnam, an excursion to the verdant land of the Mekong Delta delight all the Vietnamese senses. Unique ecosystem, interesting local attractions, simple life, and diverse communities make the area unlike anywhere else in the world.

explore the best of vietnam and cambodia 13

One of the most interesting things to see in the Mekong Delta is its colorful floating market which is really an alluring sight. You may be astounded and amazed by the hundreds of boats packed with a variety of fruits, colorful flowers, foods, drinks, and household items. Take your time to refresh with some tropical fruits while seeing the rowing boat moving back and forth.

Agricultural morning floating market in Mekong Delta

During your day trip to the Mekong Delta, you also may expect to get in touch to the local life with a boat ride along the tranquil waterways and a number of stops to visit some villages and local workshop, revel into the authentic culture.

Step Back in Time with a Journey to the Temple Town - Siem Reap

If Vietnam is enchanting for its intriguing culture, idyllic natural beauty and stunning local experiences, the temple town of Siem Reap throw tourists back to its ancient era with a wide range of temples and pagodas dating back thousand years ago.

Angkor Wat - The Famous Symbol of Cambodia

The famous Siem Reap attractions including Angkor Thom, Bayon Temple, Ta Prohm and the religious masterpiece of Angkor Wat created brilliant legends for this ancient land. In this journey back to history, you’ll find down what makes the country live with the time. Be a real explorer with a breathtaking temple-hopping tour.

The magnificent architecture at Ta Prohm temple

Fill your journey with all of the authentic delights that these beautiful countries have to offer: fascinating culture, awe-inspiring landscapes, exotic cuisine, and unique adventures. BOOK THE TOUR NOW to explore the hidden charm of Southeast Asia and enjoy exciting experiences in your own way.

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