Hanoians and their ancestors enjoy a sticky sweet day

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Hanoians have been waiting patiently to buy a glutinous rice dessert that is offered to ancestors in a traditional festival.

Sticky Sweet Day of Hanoians 1

The Cold Food Festival, a traditional festival celebrated in northern Vietnam, China and South Korea, falls this Sunday. Hanoians celebrate the day by having banh troi and banh chay, two dishes made with glutinous rice flour wrapped around a sweet filling.

Sticky Sweet Day of Hanoians 2

Local stores are more crowded than usual as people line up to buy the sweet treat that is enjoyed with family and friends.

Sticky Sweet Day of Hanoians 3

Each banh troi is made of sticky and elastic mixture of glutinous and plain rice wrapped around a crunchy brown palm sugar cube.

Sticky Sweet Day of Hanoians 4

The mixture is rolled into a small ball and dropped into boiling water. Banh chay, bigger and more flattened than banh troi, is made similarly but with mung beans as filling, and served with a thick sweet sauce.

Sticky Sweet Day of Hanoians 5

The balls should be taken out of the water 30 seconds after it floats up to the surface and be put in cold water to reduce its stickiness. Roasted sesame seeds or grated coconut are sprinkled on top to create more flavor.

Sticky Sweet Day of Hanoians 6

Both cakes have simple recipes and can be made at home as a family activity. But, in these modern days, it is easier to buy them.

Sticky Sweet Day of Hanoians 7

A box of banh troi, with 12-20 small balls, is sold for VND12,000-15,000 (52-65 cents).

Sticky Sweet Day of Hanoians 8

Hanoians first offer the dish to their ancestors as a sign of gratitude.

Bibliography: Vnexpress International

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