5 Best Places to Visit in Hue for South Africans Travelers
Hue is the most important historical place in Vietnam, for it is located at the heart of Vietnamese cultural tradition. This beautiful destination is known as Vietnam’s former Royal Capital which has many of attractively cultural places, especially, the ancient atmosphere and harmonic Perfume River.

Hue brings the tourists the outstanding demonstration of the power of the last Vietnamese feudal empire which is The Nguyen Empire. It lures attraction of foreign visitors by a complex of monuments, tombs and pagodas that attract tourists coming from all over the world.

In detail, the travellers must visit 11 places including Hue Flag Tower, Hue Citadel, Imperial Enclosure, Thai Hoa Palace, Forbidden Purple City, Nine Dynastic Urns, Hue Fine Arts Museum, Thien Mu Pagoda, Altar of Heaven, Tombs of the Nguyen Emperors, Perfume River Boat Trip.

However, if you do not have enough time, you can focus on the top 5 best places to visit in Hue, which are Hue Citadel, Emperors Tombs, Thien Mu Pagoda, Perfume River and Tam Giang Lagoon.

places to visit in hue

1. Hue Citadel

Hue Citadel is the biggest symbol of Hue. The Citadel occupies a large area on the north side of Perfume River. The Nguyen Emperor created the Capital City with four exclusively ancient architectures which encompasses Hoang Thanh (Imperial City) for royal palaces and shrines, Tu Cam Thanh (Forbidden Purple City) for royal residences and Dai Noi (Inner city) and Tran Binh Dai. Tourists are expected to spend at least one day to visit the whole complex. They can also catch a taxi, hire a bicycle, rent a “xich lo”- Vietnamese cycle if do not feel like walking around the site.

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2. Emperors Tombs

Emperors Tombs is another popular place in Hue. Emperors Tombs were built in the 19th century for the sake of Nguyen Kings' interment. Travellers can discover tombs of ancient emperors alongside the Perfume River: such as Minh Mang, Khai Dinh, Tu Duc, Dong Khanh, etc.

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Minh Mang Tomb was built in 1843, with the area of 18 hectare, 3-meter-high defended wall, and nearly 20 architectural constructions. The other tomb is Tu Duc Tombs which lies in the middle of a pine forest and belongs to Duong Xuan Mountain, 8km far from Hue.

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3. Thien Mu Pagoda

The most sacred pagoda in Hue is Thien Mu Pagoda. This pagoda is an essential part of Hue City. It inspires a lot of famous authors and poets to write songs and poems. The visitors who have visited Thien Mu Pagoda always keep in mind the symbol of the octagonal 21-meter-high tower, the perfect combination of artificial architectural work and picturesque nature.

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4. Perfume River

The Perfume River flows inside Hue city. It have intersecting bridges connect the two faces of this city and can be safely cross either by foot or by bicycle. There are a lot of ways to enjoy the Perfume River which are a stroll along the promenade, participating in a boat cruise or simply walking at one of the intersecting bridges. The visitors can take part in a cultural boat to enjoy Hue's songs performances and peaceful atmosphere every night. Otherwise, the guests can make the lights flow in the Perfume River. The local people think those lights as the way to convey messages to the God and make all dreams come true.

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5. Tam Giang Lagoon

The travelers those who come to Hue can enjoy peaceful moment at Tam Giang Lagoon that is located in Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra, about 15 kilometers from Hue City. This place is one of the biggest lagoons with fresh water which forms an ideal habitant for many sea species all along the province. Discovering Tam Giang Lagoon, the visitors can ride a bicycle or motorbike from Vinh Ve village; go along Nhu Y river towards Dam Chuon - Tam Giang. The tourists also enjoy the charming scenery of the ancient village with its architectural beauty of the old pavilion, the national church with charming carved dragon and phoenix, especially, in the early morning or in the late afternoon.

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