It is great being a solo traveler as your schedule and travel destination do not have to adapt to or follow anyone. You will get a chance to come to know yourself and take the rest anytime without feeling guilty. We would like to suggest some of the activities in Vietnam that solo travelers should try at least once in Vietnam.

Take join-in tours

There are many pros and cons of join-in tours. However, the pros might outweigh the cons of join-in tours. Solo travelers find themselves much more open in making new friends and in the end, you might end up with having more relationships with people from other cultures and nationalities. Chatting with strangers might be awkward and it is hard sometimes to find the right words to express what you want to say because of the language barrier. But the more you try, the more you realize it is truly a valuable experience to get out of your comfort zone.

Make friends with the local people

Stay at boutique hotels in city centres

Staying at a boutique hotel is now a trend in the hospitality industry. Vietnam is not an exception, tourism industry in Vietnam, especially in metropolises, many boutique hotels have been set up to create diversity in hotel choices.

Apricot Hotel in the Old Quarter, Hanoi

Boutique hotels will give you the feeling of privacy as the size of rooms often limited, also, each room will be distinctively charming and cozy as it has its own decorations and setting. Services in boutique hotels are out of questions, the staff is often highly-trained and absolutely friendly towards international guests. The final reason why solo travelers should choose a boutique hotel is that they are often located in the urban areas where you can enjoy the liveliness as well as the vibrancy of vehicles on the streets of the Old Quarter.

Try adventurous activities

Solo travelers to Vietnam should give adventurous activities a try. There are numerous of activities that you can enjoy such as trekking, hiking, motorbiking, surfing or even scuba diving. Vietnam’s central and south regions offer extraordinary beach recreations with a stunning view of the marine life under the surface of the ocean. On land, there are hundreds of trails and tracks for biking or motor-biking, it would be an unforgettable experience for those who are risky.

Board flying in Nha Trang, Vietnam

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Fill your stomach with street food

The founder of modern marketing Philip Kotler in the U.S once said that Vietnam is honorably deserve to be called “the kitchen of the world” for its delicious culinary, especially street food. Street food in Vietnam is a must try for tasting experience for every traveler. Lots of ingredients and spices are hard to find in western countries but always available in Vietnamese’s food and market. 

Bun Cha - a type of street food in Vietnam

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Overnight on train

The railway system in Vietnam is quite different from that of Western countries. However, the seats and berths are comfortable enough to enjoy every moment of the ride. Furthermore, sleeping on trains might save you a night at the hotel, hence, quite a budget has been saved for your optional excursions. 

A train at Hanoi Railway Station, Vietnam

Vietnam has a lot of attractions to visit and always welcome solo travelers from all around the world. 

» A great escape to Vietnam awaits you upon your arrival if you take a Vietnam Tour with us. 

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