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Vietnam is definitely a heaven for anyone who wishes to venture through the magnificent caves, vast rainforests and breathtaking range of mountains. For 18 days in a thrilling holiday, it is time to discover the World Unesco Heritage in Halong Bay, one of the biggest caves in the world Phong Nha - Ke Bang, and various other natural wonders in South East Asia. This amazing trip will also include a chance of a lifetime to find out the rich culture and ancient heritages which have lasted for thousand of years.

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Your trip will begin in the ancient capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. Upon reaching the airport, you will be transferred to booked hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter before starting the trip.

After resting, hundred of delectable Vietnamese dishes awaiting you in our street food tour around the Old Quarter. Nothing is more refreshing than sitting in a corner on Ta Hien street, chatting with friends, and drink the iconic Vietnamese Beer, Bia Hoi. As you enjoying the relaxing time, it will be a great chance to watch the lives of local.

At night and even midnight, Hanoi has one of the most bustling streets in South East Asia, especially during weekends. Food lovers will be surrounded by a good selection of foods and snacks, including the famous grilled barbecue and unique Vietnamese cakes. Afterward, you will return and rest in your hotel for the next day.

♥ Please check our selected hotels in Hanoi for your reference.

On this day, you will discover a huge number of famous sites in the capital with Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum as your first one. Take time and witness the final resting place for the great president of Vietnamese people, Ho Chi Minh, and his life and contribution to the country. After that, Temple of Literature will be the next intriguing location, presenting ancient architecture and Vietnamese scholastic culture. 

For lunch, Truc Bach Lake is a wonderful place to sit down, enjoy the hearty meal and contemplate the dreamy scene in the area. Take time to taste the tasty foods and drinks with your group while watching the calm nature around.

Our day will continue with an adventure in Ancient Streets in Hanoi in which each special products will be sold on each street. The highlight of Hanoi Old Quarter is a range of French Colonial houses which have been carefully preserved in the beginning. If you want to choose a gift for family members or a souvenir, the Ancient Streets offer from small silver accessories made by local to the well-known Ao Dai. However, it will be a waste without trying Vietnamese Phin Coffee or egg coffee in one of the cafes around Hoan Kiem Lake. Finally, Ngoc Son Temple, the symbol of Vietnamese Buddism, will show sacred atmosphere and customs in Vietnam.

Before leaving Hanoi and travel to our first mountainous area, you can watch the Water Puppet Show which is a traditional art and entertainment only in Vietnam. Afterward, resting in the hotel and packing your luggage and we will venture to Sapa by train.

Arriving in Sapa after several hours on a train, you will be transferred to your hotel in Sapa and meet up with a guide, check in and begin your journey. Firstly, travel South to the traditional Cat Cat Village where local people resided for few centuries. Along the way, you can take pictures of breathtaking scenes including magnificent valleys and mountains.

On the off the beaten track, it is easy to encounter vast green fields, local people dressing up in unique clothes and beautiful and peaceful river. Resting near the river bank, enjoy scenes of children playing around and woman doing chores. Then, you will travel to discover further about local people in Black H'Mong ethnic community. Remember to bring along a camera and take the best shots of people in the village. Lunch will be held at the local restaurant and regain your stamina.

Now, it is time to trekking to another village called Lao Chai where you can witness the batik painting while sipping a cup of herbal tea. Here, the local will show you their specialty which is the famous batik patterns and embroidery. From hundreds of years ago to our modern age, the art has been passed down from generations to generations and preserve as one of the treasures in the community. These will be nice presents to bring home made by skillful hands of Vietnamese ethnic group.

At night, your resting location may not be the luxurious hotel but a local house such as the home of Ms. Moo. Not only you will enjoy the beautiful nature in Sapa but also relax in the H'Mong herbal bath and try special foods and drinks. The night will pass by with the story of local hosts about their life and customs or simply watching surrounding nature.

♥ Please check our selected hotels in Sapa for your reference.

Wake up and taste local meal in the peaceful morning in Sapa before bid farewell to the host and venture to Muong Hoa Valley and Ta Van Village. This is a place where you can discover the strange field of stones with a unique carving of ancient people and especially the spectacular view in the valley. Finally, in the traditional village, you will take a closer look at another ethnic group, Giay people. Afterward, the guide will take you back to your hotel to rest before heading back to the train to Hanoi.

Right after you arrive in Hanoi, a shuttle bus will take you to the World Unesco Heritage Halong Bay. Get on a boat and travel to a traditional style cruise while you can also take a glimpse of unique Karst formations in the region. On the cruise, you will be offered with modern amenities and one-of-a-kind view in Asia. Slowly cruising around limestone mountains and enjoy your drinks or kayaking up-close to each mountain. Meals will be served on the boat. Overnight on the cruise.

♥ Please check our selected cruises on Halong Bay for your reference.

Vung Vieng Village is considered to be a highlight of all trips in Halong Bay, featuring the traditional lifestyle in the area. After that, it is time for a delectable meal of fresh seafood designed by chef on a cruise. Travel back on land and visit Yen Duc Village to watch the Water Puppet Show before returning to Hanoi. Resting in the capital for the day. Dinner on your own. Overnight at the hotel.

Now you will enjoy Hanoi for the last time in your trip before traveling to Dong Hoi by plane. Meals on your own. Overnight at the hotel in Dong Hoi.

After the breakfast in a hotel in Phong Nha, visit Tan Hoa village about 60 kilometers from our first destination. A safety briefing will be presented to ensure the most enjoyable trip and then it is time for you to venture through seemingly boundless rice fields and reach Rao Nan River. The next wonder to discover lies near Hung Ton Valley which only about 150 meters from the River. 

Our lunch will start right next to the entrance of Hung Ton Cave before taking a pretty tough hiking adventure. Firstly, from Hung Ton Valley, trekking on Mango Mountain and then travel 3 kilometers to Tu Lan Valley. Tons of photograph opportunities will be on the way to the campsite and explore Ken Cave. 

In the end of the day, a BBQ with your group while resting near the campfire and watching the beauty of nature will be an unforgettable moment. 

Your final day in Dong Hoi will begin with a relaxing breakfast and exploration of Tu Lan Cave. Venture into the magnificent cave with special stalactite and stalactite formations. After that, you will return to the campsite and have lunch before explore Hang Kim Cave. Through dry and even wet part of the cave, head to To Mo Valley where you swim forth through Hung Ton Cave and trekking for nearly a kilometer cross Hung Ton Valley. Here, you will visit Rat Cave and contemplate spectacular features of Vietnamese Cave system. Travel across the vast green fields again and return to Tan Hoa Village. Enjoy the dinner and have a nice shower before transferred back to Phong Nha in the late evening. Overnight at the hotel in Phong Nha.

In the morning, you will travel to Hue, the ancient imperial capital of Vietnam. You will arrive at your hotel, spend time venture around the place or refresh and prepare for another exciting day. Meals on your own. Overnight at the hotel.

♥ Please check our selected hotels in Hue for your reference.

Your peaceful morning starts with a nice meal at the hotel and then get ready for a day of exploration in the royal capital. 

The calm and beautiful Perfume River will be your first destination in which you travel by boat. For one hour, you will encounter many charming scenes on the way to Khai Dinh Tomb, the resting place of a famous Vietnamese emperor. Here, you will explore a one-of-a-kind tomb which combines various architecture style, from the West to the East. After that, visit Minh Mang Tomb and even though the place does not possess the unique features in the former one, Minh Mang Tomb still has striking traits of Vietnamese architecture.

Lunch in a very special location called Dong Thuyen Pagoda where nuns will prepare a vegetarian meal for guests. Sit down and relax in the sacred atmosphere of a temple and enjoy the amazing view of the surrounding. If you interested in Vietnamese cuisine, it is possible to visit the kitchen and see how the food is prepared. 

Afterward, find out the art of creating paper flowers in Thanh Tien Village, a traditional village in Phu Vang District. Meet local people and learn about this specialty that has lasted for 300 years. Do not hesitate to purchase magnificent products offered in this place as all the profit supports artists, craftsmen in financial difficulty.

Your final location will be at Tha Om Garden House to discover the residents who have lived here since the 19th century and listen to the owner about their precious legacy. Dinner on your own. Overnight in your hotel.

Start the day by transferring to the ancient town Hoi An and pass by Hai Van Pass where provide one of the best spots for photographers. 

Upon arrival in Hoi An, you will begin a culinary tour with a huge number of delectable foods and drinks in this coastal town such as white rose dumpling, Banh Can, or grilled pork. Travel beside a local guide, you will not only enjoy unique cuisine in the South of the country but also listen to the origin of each food.

Firstly, you will taste one of the iconic foods in Hoi an, which is white rose dumpling. While feasting on the delicious dumpling, watching the local as they skillfully make up to thousands of dumplings each day. If you want to make some, the local is always willing to teach you one or two things about their secrets.

Finish our first exciting food and continue to venture to another interesting food: Banh Can. This is a combination of various ingredients which are perfectly balanced in taste including eggs, pork, salad. Tourists are often considered this to be the highlight of the trip while they sit down near the stool and try each hot piece.

Head onward to dine at a local restaurant offering foods such as grilled pork and spring roll. Additionally, you will have a chance to try Hoi An Wonton and well-known Cao Lau or Quang Noodle. Regain your energy as we sit down and relax in a corner of Sky Coffee Bar located in Hoi An museum. Chat with your group about the feelings of the day and then return to your hotel to rest.

♥ Please check our selected hotels in Hoi An for your reference.

After a day enjoying food tour in Hoi An, it is high time we explore the historical and cultural sites in the ancient town. Being a port for numerous trading boat from Asia in the past, now Hoi An possesses the uniqueness of various architecture styles like Chinese, Japanese. 

Our walking tour will start at Chua Ong Pagoda, a cultural heritage of Hoi An. Built in the 17th century in Chinese District, Chua Ong was first dedicated to an extremely famous general in Romance of the Three Kingdoms "Quan Van Truong". Preserved since then, Chua Ong Pagoda features Chinese structures both interior and exterior. After that, we will continue to explore another building influenced by the Chinese which is Phuc Kien Assembly Hall. Here, people worshiped Goddess of the Sea who protect merchants from the storm.

Heading toward Tan Ky House represent an 18th century merchant's house on a modern street nowadays. Then, you will relax on the Japanese Bridge built to link Japanese district with Chinese. While exploring unique design and decorations on the bridge, you will hear an interesting legend behind the construction. Continue to Reaching Out Tea House where you will support all the disabilities working in or outside of the cafe before lunch at local restaurant presenting local cuisine.

Afterward, you will also explore Hoi An town on a cyclo onward to Cam Thanh Village. Located in the countryside, Cam Thanh Village allows tourist to escape from busy life in the city and enjoy the day with local people. The simple yet beautiful scenery of this destination includes a water coconut forest and calm Thu Bon River. Take a wooden boat and venture through Hoi An while waiting for sunset. Dinner on your own. Overnight at the hotel.

Prepare your luggage at the hotel and be transferred to take the flight to Ho Chi Minh City. After few hours, meet your guide in Ho Chi Minh City and transfer to your hotel. Relax for a while and then your adventure continues in the heart of the South. The War Remnants Museum will be our first major highlight where you can explore the history of Vietnam War. A huge number of collections have been collected here to show the very unity of Vietnamese against all odds and modern weapon. It will be an unforgettable memory for anyone who interested in history.

After that, you will arrive in Reunification Palace, a mark of a new age in for all Vietnamese to remember. The atmosphere from the day when a North Vietnamese Tank crash down the gate in the palace still remains till today. Next, the guide will take you to Central Post Office designed by the same architect as the Eiffel Tower. As a result, this place represents the French architecture style with a large ancient map presenting postal road from Vietnam to Cambodia.

Head out to Dong Khoi Street to discover even more old building dated back to French Colonial time. Admire the grand buildings and stop at Saigon Opera House. Our final magnificent remnant of the past is no short of amazing as it is well-preserved for years. If you lucky, there will be a live concert and other entertainment event occurred outside of the Opera House. Back to your hotel to rest for an exciting night.

In the morning, Ho Chi Minh City is a busy city, but at night, it is even more bustling with local people pour into the street to relieve the stress after a long working day. Now, your guide will take you to the culinary heaven in Saigon, from the iconic Banh Beo, Water Fern Cake to delicious Vietnamese coffee. Finish our day with some dessert and watch the life of local. Lunch on your own. Overnight at the hotel.

♥ Please check our selected hotels in Ho Chi Minh for your reference.

In the morning, take time to have a nice breakfast and then travel to Mekong Delta. Set foot on Cai Be and find a boat to venture around the region. As we heading to other destinations, you will have a perfect chance to contemplate an extremely different life of local people than other locations. Get off the boat in Dong Phu and An Binh, visit home-based factories which create oil, candy and even wine. Have a quick lunch and continue to the ferry hub in Vinh Long. Arrive by car and have diiner on your own. Overnight in Can Tho.

Mekong Delta still has a lot of new things to discover and you will visit the floating market which is rare in the world. A huge number of wooden boats sells a wide variety of fruits, foods, drinks and even animals. From Can Tho, heading to a tranquil town called Chau Doc by car and then to Tra Su Forest.

Hop on a boat again to travel on the river with vast mangroves on the side. The diversity of fauna and flora is the highlight of our day as there are hundreds of species in the area. You will also visit a village of an ethnic group in Vietnam to learn about their religion and unique culture. Take time to talk with monks at the monastery and explore interesting stories and details to tell your family. Overnight in a local house.

♥ Please check our selected hotels in Chau Doc for your reference.

Return to Ho Chi Minh City after few days touring in Mekong Delta. Free to relax and collect all beautiful memories about your recent spectacular trip. Meal on your own. Overnight in the hotel in Ho Chi Minh city.

Meet your guide at the hotel and transfer to the airport. End of Service.

List of hotels we use: Best price, strategic locations, carefully-checked.

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Hanoi L'Heritage Quoc Hoa May De Ville Old Quarter Apricot
Halong Bay Lavender Cruise V'Spirit Cruise Glory Cruise Pelican Cruise
Sapa Sunny Moutain Amazing Sapa Victoria Sapa
Hue Emm Hotel Alba Spa Hotel Eldora Hotel Indochine Hue
Hoi An Kim An Hoian Silk Boutique Belle Maison Dahana Hoi An Sunrise Hoian
Saigon Le Duy Hotel Le Duy Grand Muong Thanh Centre Majestic Saigon
Can Tho Fortuneland Iris Hotel Vic Can Tho

In Vietnam

Hanoi L'Heritage
Halong Bay Lavender Cruise
Hue Emm Hotel
Hoi An Kim An
Saigon Le Duy Hotel
Can Tho
Hanoi Quoc Hoa
Halong Bay V'Spirit Cruise
Sapa Sunny Moutain
Hue Alba Spa Hotel
Hoi An Hoian Silk Boutique
Saigon Le Duy Grand
Can Tho Fortuneland
Hanoi May De Ville Old Quarter
Halong Bay Glory Cruise
Sapa Amazing Sapa
Hue Eldora Hotel
Hoi An Belle Maison Dahana Hoi An
Saigon Muong Thanh Centre
Can Tho Iris Hotel
Hanoi Apricot
Halong Bay Pelican Cruise
Sapa Victoria Sapa
Hue Indochine Hue
Hoi An Sunrise Hoian
Saigon Majestic Saigon
Can Tho Vic Can Tho



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Oct 2017

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Johannesburg, South Africa

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"Great long, multi-city trip"

Sept 2017

We have recently returned from a trip through Vietnam and Cambodia. 14 day tour that took us from Saigon to Hanoi then Cambodia was amazing. Everything was very well organized. The guides always showed up on time, very knowledgeable and personable. All hotels were super ... More +

Lee Ann

Cape Town, South Africa

"You made us an amazing honeymoon"

Sept 2017

Thank you Julie for your arrangement. Our whole trip went very smoothly. The drivers and guides on the tours were all reliable, helpful and friendly. We love Mekong Delta tour, Halong Bay, Hue and Hoi An. We would turn around and recommend to anyone in ... More +

John Henry

Durban, South Africa

"A truly magical trip"

Sept 2017

The most wonderful 10 day trip of Vietnam. Everything was very well organized and ran so smoothly, including meeting me at my Hanoi hotel on my first day. All boutique hotels were beautiful with very friendly staff. We had the best transfer service. A big ... More +

Joddina Al

Johannesburg, South Africa

"Thank you, thank you"

July 2017

We just returned from a fantastic 3 week trip through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It was a long trip but everything worked very smoothly. At every location, we were met by a driver and guide to take us to our hotel and to take us ... More +

Patrick Ln

Johannesburg, South Africa

"Fantastic tour and lovely arrangements"

July 2017

We had enjoyed very much our first trip to Vietnam. It was an amazing experience in Hanoi with millions of motorcycles, traffic was crazy but safe. We did a walking tour, tried Bia Hoi (kind of local beer), and BBQ in Hanoi old quarter which ... More +


Bloemfontein, South Africa

"Now I said traveling solo in Vietnam is easy"

June 2017

Our first trip to a country completely unknown to me. I did not have to worry about any transportation and got picked up and dropped off at the airport. The guide in Hanoi Ms Ha spoke excellent English and was really knowledgeable about the history ... More +

Steve Alan

Johannesburg, South Africa

"Great trip and excellent organisation"

June 2017

We were so impressed with how punctual and effortless the trip was. From the moment we arrived, we were picked up and everything went smoothly. The guides were outstanding, friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a great credit to the company. We love Halong Bay and it ... More +

Amanda C

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"What a beautiful trip, fantastic tour guides"

Dec 2016

What a beautiful trip, we wouldn't have changed anything. This was our first holiday to Southeast Asia. We were met at the airport then taken around to see Hanoi by Jim. He even suggested us to try local street food and beer that was just ... More +

Lynne Elsabe

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"Amazing Vietnam & Cambodia holiday"

Dec 2016

We were very pleased with the services and everything went clock perfect? I actually still find it incredible. We can recommend everybody a visit to the charming Vietnam and magical Siem Reap in Cambodia. You have set such a high bench mark. I honestly wish ... More +

Tracy Cante

Bloemfontein, South Africa

"A holiday to remember"

Dec 2016

Everything about this experience was terrific.
- Sapa was just fantastic and the tour guide wonderful.
- Tour to Halong Bay was first class, food was delicious, amazing scenery.
- Hue visit to ancient temples was so informative.
- Resort we upgraded to in Hoi An was ... More +

Patricia HR

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Sept 2016

Thanks Julie Le for all your hard work to organise our personalised tour. I and Thomas just wanted to let you know that the trip has been amazing. We had a most enjoyable time in Vietnam and Cambodia. Everything ran smoothly that we would always ... More +

Jennifer Whd

Durban, South Africa

"My best friend and I had a wonderful trip thanks"

Sept 2016

Thanks Tam Dang. Jenny and I had a wonderful and fun filled holiday. Absolutely no problems. The holiday began when met at the airport by an efficient friendly and welcoming driver. All the tours were punctual and well hassle free. Wonderful tour guides, nice and ... More +

Brian Joe

Centurion, South Africa

"Impressive and reliable"

Aug 2016

Vietnam and Cambodia were excellent because of the service me and my friends received. We only got to the Airport at Hanoi and the guide was at the terminal waiting for us. The tour guides had great knowledge of the areas and provided so much ... More +


Pretoria, South Africa

"Exceptional services. We had a great time"

July 2016

The tour was really well organized. Each step was carefully executed and ran very smoothly. Our cruise in Ha Long Bay was a perfect arrangment to end our holiday. I wouldn't change an aspect of it. Good facilities used, quality transport and friendly, efficient and ... More +

Melanie Houley

Johannesburg, South Africa

"Just say woo excellent service and thank you"

July 2016

All our trips within Vietnam worked out perfectly. We thoroughly enjoyed it. All the meet and greet persons were on time, the guides were excellent especially Ms My in Hanoi and Tam in Hoian. We were lucky to get a free upgrade for room at ... More +

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July 2016

Our group of six had an amazing time in Vietnam. The trip ran smoothly, from airport pick up to final airport drop off. The tour was a great balance of free time and tour activities. Everything from hotels, internal flights, guide and food was well ... More +


Cape Town, South Africa

"Fantastic 12 day Vietnam and Cambodia"

June 2016

Thank you Alex for the great 12 day tour in Vietnam and Cambodia which you had tailor made for me and my husband. The trip was completely well planned, organised , exciting and so interesting! The guides were super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Nothing was ... More +

Janise Lesch

Johannesburg, South Africa

"Brilliant, wonderful trip"

June 2016

Just arrived back from our holiday in Vietnam. We had a wonderful trip in Vietnam from the north down to the south. All the things from hotels, flights, car, guide etc. worked seamlessly. Thank you so much Candy and Seni Tours for all your outstanding ... More +

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