Top 8 Things to Buy in Cambodia

Located in the heart of South East Asia, Cambodia is widely famous for many Buddhist architectural masterpieces, long-term history and an extremely unique culture. Therefore, nowadays, more and more travelers from many countries in the world choose Cambodia as one of their destinations to discover and learn more about this mysterious country. Like other Asian countries, Cambodia has a wide range of interesting local specialties, souvenir and stuffs for you to buy for your friends and family. Today, we would like to suggest to you 8 things to buy in Cambodia.


Krama is one of the most popular traditional garments in Cambodia. It is a beautiful sturdy scarf which can be used as a face mask to stay away from dust, a fashionable tool, a cute hammock for children and so on. The Krama, of which price is so cheap (around US $1) can be found in every street corners and alleyways in Cambodia.

 Things to buy in Cambodia

Cambodian Silk

Silk must be the most popular and meaningful gift for tourists to buy for their family due to the fact that most of beautiful silk products in the country are still made by traditional weaving methods. It will be really easy for you to find silk shop in Cambodia but if you have time, you can visit Koh Dach village, just 15 km far from Cambodia’s capital city – Phnom Penh, well-known for its long-term traditional silk making.

 Things to buy in Cambodia 2

Cambodian Palm Sugar 

Considered as one of Cambodia’s national icons, palm trees can be found almost everywhere in this country so it is understandable that Cambodian Palm Sugar (or Borassus flabellifer) must be one of the top-ranked things to buy during your visit. Palm Sugar, which is really good for your health and can be added to many dishes, must be a perfect simple gift for your family.

 Things to buy in Cambodia 3


Silver is said to be one of the most popular souvenir in Cambodia. They are so diverse, usually hand-made by skillful artisans including jewelry, decorations and furniture of all shapes and sizes. 

 Things to buy in Cambodia 4

Dried Snake

In spite of its scary apperance, dried snake is a very healthy and tasty specialty which will be a suitable gift for gourmet travelers who want to taste unique jungle flavors in this country.

 Things to buy in Cambodia 5

Sculpture Reproductions

Once arrived in this “Buddhist Temple Country”, you will be surprised by the adroitness of sculpture reproduction artisans. These skillful local men can sculpture on many different materials (mostly rock, wood and bronze), their reproduction could be Buddha/God statues, animals, plants, symbols of stars, nature and so on.

Things to buy in Cambodia 6

Soaps and Candles

Like many other Asian countries, Cambodian people are really into natural-ingredient products. So they focus on producing some special Soap and candles from herbs and the special Kampot pepper, which makes them really unique and attractive in comparison to the famous ones in the shop. Senteurs d'Angkor is the place for you to find one of the best candles in the area.

 Things to buy in Cambodia 7

Secondhand Goods

There are a lot of interesting flea markets in Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh, where you can find high-quality goods of all types all the way from Japan, US and European countries with reasonable prices. ToTo Recycle Shop Japan and Sakura Recycle Shop will be 2 good spots for adventurous backpackers and off-road motor driver to buy something for their upcoming journeys.

Things to buy in Cambodia 8

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