Things to See and Do in Sapa

Sapa, a mountain district of Lao Cai province, has the distance of 350 kilometers far north-west from Hanoi. Sapa is known as a favorable holiday location favored by both foreign and local people. There are many memorable things to see and do for the tourists in Sapa.

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The first time Sapa has introduced on Vietnam’s map since the late 19th century . It was the time the French invaded highland Tonkin and some villages there were built in 1920. Until now, Sapa has been returned to Vietnam’s current government and become a big of tourism destination.

Located at the height of 1,600 meters above sea level, Sapa has cool climate in summer that brings moderate and dizzily atmosphere to the tourists. The average temperature of the area is from 15 to 18 C Degree. This beautiful destination puts special impression on the visitors’ minds. Coming there, the tourists can experience all seasons in a day. In the morning, the weather is cool as the weather of spring and autumn. At midday, the travelers can sun bath under the sunny weather like summer. And at night, the tourists can avoid being cold because of low temperature like winter season by joining in camp-fire activities with the ethnic minority. More over, Sapa is also the best choice to take many natural pictures with the beauty of light, weather and temperature, especially, in cherry blossom season. This is an ideal option for those who enjoys taking pictures at everywhere they set food on.

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Snowfall in Sapa


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Cherry Blossom Season in Sapa

 Besides wonderful weather, Sapa has a various culture that is integrated by a big ethnic minorities’ community. Coming  to Sapa, the travelers can easily access many ethnic minorities in Vietnam. There are five main groups of ethnic minorities including Red Dao, Hmong, Tay, Zay and Xa Pho. 

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The visitors can spend time to visit local people’ villages, try live homestay experience and take part in some interesting activities. The tourists can learn how to make handicrafts and cook ethnic-style dishes.

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Furthermore, they can try traditional clothes and do farm work in some terraced paddy field. One surprising thing is the guests can learn history and culture of the ethnic minorities by the local children there; some small children in Sapa can speak English very well with fluent pronunciation.

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Sapa is a lovely and memorable hill station town in Vietnam. Contact us and grasp chance to explore Vietnam Day Tours with us for the best price!


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