Bucket List for Couples in Hanoi

Being a capital city as it is, Hanoi still has its own peaceful and tranquil moments for couples to spend the day with each other. Even walking down on the old streets of the Old Quarter is enough to make a day more romantic. Thus, we have come up with a bucket list for couples to share their time together in Hanoi.

Hang out at coffee shops 

What can be more romantic than spending a morning or a lovely night with your loved one in a small corner of a quiet coffee shop? Each coffee shop has its own unique style and design, some feature a French colonial villa with a small exhibition of pictures, photographs and paintings like Manzi coffee shop and bar, some feature old furniture from the time when Vietnam was still a centrally planned economy, some has lovely garden view like in The Farmer Gardenista. In some coffee shops, many music lovers gather and perform live the greatest Vietnamese and Western hits. Music and coffee would be a splendid combination for an evening in Hanoi.

 A lovely garden view in The Farmer Gardenista, Hanoi.

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Walk down to the Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is one of the highlighted spots in Hanoi. Wonderful things to see and try await your arrival on these old streets of Hanoi. On these streets, couples would be enchanted by the ancient look of the houses that are in close proximity to one another with the common yellow walls, green windows and stained balconies. All of those 36 old streets’ citizen is still trying to preserve that ancient beauty through hundreds of years. Walking down the streets, you’ll catch the sight of couples joining hands walking together to embrace the living pace in the Old Quarter.

Hanoi Old Quarter is one of the highlighted spots in Hanoi. 

Each street has its own specialties, for example, Hang Ma Street is the place selling items made from paper from decorations to offerings to Vietnamese ancestors in Vietnam tradition, Hang Bac’s stores (Bac means silver in English) sell silver accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and anklets. With your loved one, you can also try delicious street food in the Old Quarter area in Hanoi. 

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A breeze of Long Bien Bridge 

Long Bien Bridge was built from 1989 to 1902 during the French’s occupation of Vietnam, thus, the bridge features French architecture style. More than a decade of war in Vietnam, Long Bien Bridge had been boomed by an air attack by American armies in 1967 and 1972, the bridge withstood them all and standing still until today. In the present time, Long Bien Bridge becomes the living historical relic as well as a symbol of courageous capital in wars. One thing that couples should not miss when staying in Hanoi is watching the sunrise or the sunset from the sidewalk of Long Bien Bridge. The view is as captivating as it can be. 

A captivating scene of sunset on Long Bien Bridge.

Sunset on West Lake 

West Lake is Hanoi’s largest fresh water lake in the West district. The West Lake is a romantic place to while away a peaceful afternoon, the floating restaurant will make it a novel dining in the intensity of the light of just enough to calm you. The sun is like a great big romantic, inspirational fire in the sky. It would be as if a powerful symphony was quieting down, becoming more emotional and beautiful as it dies down.

The romantic light of sunset on the West Lake. 

A walk around Hoan Kiem Lake 

Hoan Kiem Lake is the heart of the capital city Hanoi. Getting up early in the morning and taking a stroll down to Hoan Kiem Lake, couples can join in the morning activities of the local people, they could be a morning run or tai-chi-chuan practice with the seniors. 

Hoan Kiem Lake is the heart of the capital city Hanoi.

In the evening, the atmosphere of Hoan Kiem Lake gets busier with the flow of thousands of people joining in the vibrant of the city centre’s nightlife. In the weekend, vehicles are restricted to enter the area and the streets around Hoan Kiem Lake to turn it into walking streets. Parents tend to take their children to the lake to let them take part in the activities that are held there such as participating in a live performance of artists coming from National Musical Academy, playing traditional games on the street such as “O an quan” – pebbles game, rope jumping, bamboo dancing, etc.

Bamboo dancing on the street on the bank of Hoan Kiem Lake.

Lime tea at the St. Joseph’s Cathedral 

Another hustle and bustle life that couples should experience while visiting Hanoi is having a lime tea at the St. Josep’s Cathedral. St. Joseph’s Cathedral is a Neo-Gothic design Catholic Cathedral – the city’s oldest church – which echoes the Notre Dame. In the late evening, young people hang out together around the church while sipping lime tea, biting sunflower seeds as well as gossiping tons of stories. 

St. Josep’s Cathedral. St. Joseph’s Cathedral is the city’s oldest church.

Spend time at entertainment centres

Huge shopping malls and entertainment centres are springing up like mushroom after the rain in the capital city Hanoi, for example, Time City, Royal City,. Shopping malls in Hanoi are the best option not only for shopping but also for escaping the heat of the sunny afternoon. Shopping malls offer a wide range of dining restaurants, internationally-renowned brands and entertaining arcades such as indoor skating rink, indoor water park. Couples can have an exciting time together playing all kinds of game machines from dancing, shooting to hamster smashing and basketball. 

Indoor water park in Royal City Shopping Mall, Hanoi.

Hanoi is as romantic and lovely as it can be for couples and there are more than Hanoi to explore the land with a shape of an S. 

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